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SATURDAY 31 December 2011

Dear all,

Happy New Year 2012!



SATURDAY 31 December 2011

Lettre No.53 /01.01.2012

Art d'Eiji

Bonne année!

Les vœux de bonne année, 10 dessins pour 2012
Les vœux de bonne année

Eiji Suzue

SATURDAY 31 December 2011

a new years poem from Robin

The Ghost Host

I am my beginning my middle and my end … my candle burns for you That is what some might call a good start … waving the flag Que bonita bandera! You my friend have taken me down this road … bound for glory What can and do you remember of your life before your life? ... water baby I am exactly the man you think I am … riding my horse backwards into battle My words are mere passengers on your floating boat … I am out sailing There is a soul tossing dice on the solstice … a roll of the dice is not always chance I shiver in the light and the glitter … no bitterness, no defeat, a life, sweet. I repeat! Defiant before life … with my little ladder to the moon or tied to the mast in a gale I came here to thank you … the true gratitude of one who is eating after hunger All my days spent punching holes in clouds … there is no time clock in the sky Knowing all the while … air is only air hot or cold it has no enemies You know………..knowing … that there is this always and only this Where I was going … to hell and back, heaven on earth, fun in the sun Somewhere there is a hopeful one embarking … night train lonesome journey They are following an older one with all enthusiasms intact … mentor mentee Rightfully they worship the gods and goddesses of the moment … Death & Fashion That is worth celebrating … some pop tunes become classics only time will tell Consistently and forever … always an undiscovered artist hiding under the ground Something never to say no to … love that exudes from every book, picture, or tune Accordion music on the subway platform late at night … a dancer hiding in the wings Celebrations and holidays from where so ever are good with me … hence this note Why would one want to not dance to that? … if you can’t dance move fast in circles By the way your beauty breaks like a wave… I am not a mirror simply an admirer I am a canvas of crusty sand slipping into the rivers mix. … A picture made by itself What makes you? This is what I want to know … hank of hair and hunk of bone There is an order that is older than your notions of proper borders … stillness I am a life full of questions … what is the well of replenishment? Clearly I cannot change the world … the world is changing me All I can hope for is to share the shadows at my bedside that transform into pictures In the few seconds before sleep and all other times I am not ashamed to be alive There is no New Year or past year or present moment There is only the mindfulness of a someone travelling on the back of a turtle with a bag on a stick bearing secrets on little pieces of folded paper with red wax seals to be opened when you are ready RW...Dec 31 2011 xxx Happy New Year

THURSDAY 29 December 2011

Globe-trotting turtle returns to sea after long rehab

WEDNESDAY 28 December 2011

You Say You Want a Revolution.

WEDNESDAY 28 December 2011

From that Parisian cat


TUESDAY 27 December 2011

From my composer, Markus Acher (of THE NOTWIST) and Valerie ( of LALIPUNA) so special to me.

Eine schöne Weihnachtszeit und alles Gute fürs Neue Jahr!! Liebe Grüße von Markus, Valerie, Noriko und Yuri

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! All the best from Markus, Valerie, Noriko and Yuri

TUESDAY 27 December 2011

Dear all,

I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year. May the coming year be filled with laughter, joy and happiness.

I finally managed to update the website at least for the fall trip, I still owe spring updates. They will come! This year has been jam packed and eventful, which is always a good thing - if only the hours per day would increase with the intensity of happenings!

Thank you for your continuing support, the kids are making progress according to their own personal velocity! Baaskaa is an independent adult now and happy as a clam! It is now Vannie’s and Nasa turn to find their paths.

Your interest and support have been my driving engines that keep me going! Thanks for it all!

Happy New Year!


SUNDAY 25 December 2011

from Irving Ong

SUNDAY 25 December 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Olaf Möller

SATURDAY 24 December 2011

The Turtle Hospital Newsletter

WEDNESDAY 21 December 2011


WEDNESDAY 21 December 2011

Warm Holiday Wishes from MitoAction

WEDNESDAY 21 December 2011

Best wishes from Stephen

WEDNESDAY 21 December 2011



Kanerva cederström

WEDNESDAY 21 December 2011

From Kris

TUESDAY 20 December 2011

from turtle cecilia

Dear Michael,

Hope you have a beautiful, bright and convivial festive season. All best wishes for a creative, successful and glorious New Year.

...And I hope that we can see more of each other in 2012!

Cecilia x

SATURDAY 17 December 2011

from that Parisian cat

THURSDAY 15 December 2011

from that Parisian cat

TUESDAY 13 December 2011

From turtle Merran

on the way to school

SATURDAY 10 December 2011

Here it is:

"Jamie Dalglish was invited by Michael H Shamberg to exhibit at the Turtle exhibition in Paris, organised by Arnaud Lefebvre at the Galerie Ivana de Gavardie, Oct. 17-22, 2011.

Jamie Dalglish showed his poem "Temporary Art" together with two reproductions of his paintings. His poem presents a very interesting mix between shape and meaning, in a what seems from this single instance a refined expression of radical lyricism.

Arnaud Lefebvre"

SATURDAY 10 December 2011

From turtle Merran on the North coast of Scotland

Wild is the Wind

SATURDAY 10 December 2011

From that cat in Paris, here comes the turtle for the occupy movement!

A poster I just made for the Occupy Movement. So far I had mobilized only cats. Now it's Turtleday.

Thursday 8 December 2011

from that cat in Paris again, with a cat helmut:

Thursday 8 December 2011

OCCUPY CAT from Paris Cat same of TURTLE cat.

MONDAY 5 December 2011

Immersion Into Noise
Joseph Nechvatal
Series: Critical Climate Change

MONDAY 28 November 2011

From Paris cat - DH Lawrence

Do you know TORTOISES, a book of poems written by DH Lawrence in 1921

To read the book, you need to download Adobe Digital Editions.

MONDAY 28 November 2011

that cat in Paris again,

SATURDAY 26 November 2011

from that damn French CAT...

THURSDAY 24 November 2011



Pepper-spray cop works his way through art history

WEDNESDAY 23 November 2011



SATURDAY 19 November 2011

I am videotaping Michael Ward-Bergeman performing a day in his playing 365 consecutive days for free, from Venezuela to Hong Kong, but mainly in the United States. It is at KKI (Kennedy Krieger Institute). It finishes in December and he played here back in February, I believe, in the early days of his thing.


Love you Michael, Michael.

SAYTURDAY 19 November 2011

Turtle in Baltimore

Michael Ward-Bergeman did 233 of his 365 days In a row to perform anywhere for no money. He played in Genesis where I lived before this place and today he will return to KKI and the kids there whom I love and they need it. I am blessed to know Michael. I have got a big turtle in the works but we need to return to it soon when I feel better. I hope to have some video of his show. At least some stills. It is important to share this with the kids over at KKI, whoopee!

FRIDAY 18 November 2011

from the turtle cat in Paris

TUESDAY 15 November 2011

from "the Mind"

FRIDAY 11 November 2011

Pink turtle tree at my sister, Carol's, house.

WEDNESDAY 9 November 2011

Sarah Sarhandi

Great Western Studios
65 Alfred Road
London, W2 5EU

'The Dance of giving up'
New work and new collaborations by Sarah Sarhandi
Thursday 24th November 2011

TUESDAY 8 November 2011

From the Parisian cat...
A Turtle monument

MONDAY 7 November 2011

Good day Michael,
Just a note to say that you've been in my thoughts. Hope the day finds your spirits up. Here's a poem I read this morning by the wonderful Mahmoud Darwish.
Much love, John (Gianvito)

Psalm Three

On the day when my words were earth... I was a friend to stalks of wheat. On the day when my words were wrath I was a friend to chains. On the day when my words were stones I was a friend to streams. On the day when my words were a rebellion I was a friend to earthquakes. On the day when my words were bitter apples I was a friend to the optimist. But when my words became honey... flies covered my lips!... Translated by Ben Bennani Mahmoud Darwish

TUESDAY 1 November 2011

From the cat in paris...

SATURDAY 29 October 2011

before I fell asleep

The Royal Oak, 10 Clapham High Street, London SW4 7UT
Monday 31st October 2011 from 6pm to Midnight

A night of projections by artist Kris Emmerson.

press release

SUNDAY 23 October 2011

Live Transmissions Paris, Turtle Salon

Music: Nick Cash aka Honkys With Humility for Turtle Salon curated by Michael Shamberg

TUESDAY 18 October 2011

After ten years away Gillian Gilbert rejoins New Order for European benefit gigs for band associate Michael Shamberg

Eurostar here we come. New Order have announced plans to play two benefit concerts for long time band associate Michael Shamberg this October in Paris and Brussels. The line-up will feature founder members of the band Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris and former keyboardist Gillian Gilbert who is married to drummer Morris. Former bass player Peter Hook, interviewed last week for Sabotage Times, will not be appearing and there’s no truth in the rumours the band are considering recruiting Rowetta on bass. Shamberg, who produced some of New order’s most stunning and genre defining videos including the Brit Award winning True Faith, Touched By The Hand of God and Regret has been extremely ill for some time. Gilbert said:

“It’s been a long ten years since I took a break from the band, so I’m really happy to be back, and this is a great place to start. Michael is a very good friend, and I want to help him, so it’s perfect timing to come back now!”

Vocalist Bernard explained the reason behind the concert as being something the band feel extremely strongly about:

“Michael has been with us from the very start, initially he was in charge of Factory New York, then became, creative producer for all our early videos. He brought our attention to the early works of Directors such as Kathryn Bigelow, Gina Birch, Robert Breer, Peter Care, Phillipe Decouffle, Jonathan Demme, Robert Frank, Paula Greiff, Robert Longo, Bailie Walsh & William Wegman. Michael is very ill and needs constant medical attention. We want to help him, and these shows will contribute financial support towards his ongoing care.”

SUNDAY 16 October 2011

SUNDAY 16 October 2011

From the cat in paris...

Worth a Prize

Current Zoology(formerly Acta Zoologica Sinica),    2011, 57(4): 477 - 484I

Title:		No evidence of contagious yawning in the red-footed tortoise 	
			Geochelone carbonaria

Authors:Anna WILKINSON, Natalie SEBANZ, Isabella MANDL, Ludwig HUBER
 			D e p a r t m e n t   o f   C o g n i t i v e   B i o l o g y ,
 			U n i v e r s i t y   o f   V i e n n a ,
 			A l t h a n s t r a s s e   1 4 ,   V i e n n a ,
 			1 0 9 0 ,   A u s t r i a 
 			Three hypotheses have attempted to explain the phenomenon of 
 			contagious yawning. It has been hypothesized that it is a fixed 
 			action pattern for which the releasing stimulus is the observation 
 			of another yawn, that it is the result of non-conscious mimicry 
 			emerging through close links between perception and action or that 
 			it is the result of empathy, involving the ability to engage in 
 			mental state attribution. This set of experiments sought to 
 			distinguish between these hypotheses by examining contagious yawning 
 			in a species that is unlikely to show nonconscious mimicry and 
 			empathy but does respond to social stimuli: the red-footed tortoise 
 			Geochelone carbonaria. A demonstrator tortoise was conditioned to 
 			yawn when presented with a red square-shaped stimulus. Observer 
 			tortoises were exposed to three conditions: observation of 
 			conditioned yawn, non demonstration control, and stimulus only 
 			control. We measured the number of yawns for each observer animal in 
 			each condition. There was no difference between conditions. 
 			Experiment 2 therefore increased the number of conditioned yawns 
 			presented. Again, there was no significant difference between 
 			conditions. It seemed plausible that the tortoises did not view the 
 			conditioned yawn as a real yawn and therefore a final experiment was 
 			run using video recorded stimuli. The observer tortoises were 
 			presented with three conditions: real yawn, conditioned yawns and 
 			empty background. Again there was no significant difference between 
 			conditions. We therefore conclude that the red-footed tortoise does 
 			not yawn in response to observing a conspecific yawn. This suggests 
 			that contagious yawning is not the result of a fixed action pattern 
 			but may involve more complex social processes [Current Zoology 57 
 			(4): 477–484, 2011].

Keywords:	Reptile, Contagious yawn, Empathy, Nonconscious mimicry, Fixed 	
			action pattern

THURSDAY 6 October 2011

From the cat in paris...

TUESDAY 4 October 2011

FRIDAY 23 September 2011

Mito Man Is Here!

NEW! Order "Mito Man" ENERGIZE ME t-shirts. 100% pre-shrunk cotton in kids, women's and men's sizes S-XXL. $15 includes shipping. Click here to order yours and see all the Mito apparel.

FRIDAY 23 September 2011

Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre 1990/2011 Tuesday Sept. 27th


27 septembre 2011 - 15 octobre 2011
Vernissage : mardi 27.9.2011 18h-20 h
Opening : Tuesday 9.27.2011 6-8pm
Mardi-samedi : 14h30 -18h30 / Tues-Sat : 2:30-6:30 pm

Contact : Arnaud Lefebvre - tél. : +33 (0)6 81 33 46 94 - 
www.galeriearnaudlefebvre.com www.galeriearnaudlefebvre.com

Thanks to Ivana

Cette exposition est dédiée à David Gordon
This exhibition is dedicated to David Gordon 

SUNDAY 11 September 2011

From Bridie Borrell

Hey Michael-
I read about you in the News papers today! I really do hope things are on the up for you at the moment, I am constantly wishing you strength and happiness. I sent you a little picture of me with my god daughter madison... She is the daughter of Mark, the Bassist from Joannes Fault. Madison is 1 now and a blessing to the world! Time goes so fast im sure tomorrow I will wake up and she will be a grumpy teenager!
Best wishes michael,
All our love X

FRIDAY 9 September 2011

from turtle Dorian Kutos and special filmmaker.

While your kind words about my film truly me the world to me and send me over the moon, it's truly heartbreaking to hear how bad you feel. So I can only hope this little story from my evening yesterday can cheer you up if only a little. The tropical storm has been bombarding my area with wind and rain, and cause some flooding. This has driven some creatures out into the open. I make my living as a delievery driver. So while on a run yesterday evening, a trutle was crossing the road. It was right in the middle and it stopped traffic in both lanes. So, of course, I pulled over and got the turtle out of the road and took it with me on my run. After I mad the delievery, I drove to my college campus, which has a nice little pond filled with turtles and deposited the little guy there. He will be well fed and in good company for the rest of his little life. Please feel better, Michael.

love, Dore

SATURDAY 27 August 2011

From the Cat in Paris...

A cat named Mourka was used to carry messages across a street during the siege of Stalingrad in 1942. Mourka became a hero, and the Times of London in a leading article ended with the words: "he has shown himself worthy of Stalingrad, and whether for cat or man there can be no higher praise".

FRIDAY 17 August 2011


So sad

US artist Robert Breer dies aged 85


FRIDAY 12 August 2011

From that cat in Paris, he shares www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6x1sVztINw

I am going to my foot surgeon today and will learn what is next. I hope a brace but maybe another cast for my toes. Whatever makes him happy will make me happy. I NEED HIM HAPPY.

MONDAY 1 August 2011

My film


NEWPORT FESTIVAL Trampled By Turtles .

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Sorry I have been out of it with foot surgery and a new cast. It is tough. Am helping ELMAR do a turtle in L.A. Came across these poems by Jamie Dalglish Whose CONTAINER music is up here. When I left NY he was a painter only and is still a painter.



pull up your socks poppy
don’t let him eat alone
left eye onto left eye
across the room
the devil eats alone

wild red roses wilting away his blues
ducking into the club the lily pond
playing the hazy river beyond Mingus
where koi act like laughing lunatics
smashing into forks of reeds and mud

the stone slab lies headlong
above a waterfall
she is gone because she’s clever
yet he holds onto time
where the left eye will see
her smile in the silence

around the wall onto a distance with the rest
Edith will place six name cards
around the dinner table
where it will sit four guests
a dinner conversation is starting
by us two joining the rest


A kiss will be
Drifting in the fog
the snow

His manhood
found its
as an echo
in another's touch

where it goes
while white light
becomes dyslexic

In another's touch
his sentences
project music
if by letting go

Leaping off the cliff
the feather starts
drifting down
where beauty leaves its smear

You just never know...


Stay by the hearth 'til the embers glow
The cloves shall pierce an orange
Pipes shall play
Pluck the Harp
Bang on a Drum
It's alright
If you wont play
It's alright

The smell of her shadow
Swans into the room
Into the light of another's dream
Away in repose
Her lover stays
That'll be okay
Deep in her soul
That'll be okay

A Clipper Ship shears off to sea
Cutting starboard from the harbor
Under a crescent moon
Its soft kiss blankets her sleep
Warming her instincts
Flashed by the beacons of inner light

While in the deep river
Occasional sounds
Like ghost ships
Lapping moonlight
Along the edge of the pool
Like a swimmer's arm
Along the edge of a dream

Holding onto their dreams
Yet wont last there long
Deep in their veins
Currents transfigured by pain and boredom
Fog horns blasting signals
We'll always hope
It means something
Where the machine
Leaves Father's message;
"Love you love you love you"

SATURDAY 16 July 2011

I was able to wash, shave and dress at 4 am, thank you Elisabeth, who is my shower person. I cannot find a word for it, maybe she TURTLES Me!

And in my mail Mobility is doing a show but I cannot find them again, but a turtle photo was in it. I will find it and share. Now I will share a video I made for THE NOTWIST "Gone Gone Gone" which will premiere at the Maine Film Festival next week. It played in Turtle in Paris earlier this year in a loop. Enjoy it I hope...GONE GONE GONE


My video for GONE GONE GONE a 2-minute video i made for THE NOTWIST GONE GONE GONE Marcus Acher comes from being a part of the group and is my composer in p.s. beirut....p.s. beirut chapter 1. my video plays at the Maine Film Festival next week. ...xxxM

FRIDAY 15 July 2011

Just washed up and shaved but it was tough. A bowel movement began it and it is a mess. Had to spare wash cloths and do it all to get to this point. My nurse could not help due to what she is doing. I like her a lot and is beautiful. She is happy that I dress myself.

FRIDAY 15 July 2011

From turtle Sue Wrbican

Tonight's after dinner walk

Night rooftops


Moon, robin, house, Pittsburgh

THURSDAY 14 July 2011

Everything is slow here, am waiting for a normal wheelchair that lifts my leg so I can eat in the dining room with my friends and each day it IS the next. I will survive. Leonard took buses to the shopping mall to get me a pair of shorts that will easily fit over my splint. He is a true, dear friend and his site is done. Enjoy it...leonardkogan.com

SUNDAY 10 July 2011

In Hopkins Bayview hospital following surgery on my left foot. Comingvup to 23 July when I went in British hospital in London that began this mission of Mitochondrial.

Looking forward to Carol Morley's two films she has made since our first mission together in Beijing. Which we never i made but we may do it yet, who knows? Am waitiing for Paul Morley's book on Tony Wilson will need to do a turte Le on that!

Greeting from another hospital which is a life of mine and is been NY best in ways. Nurses with good names Korbut

SUNDAY 10 July 2011

From Fanny Howe

The Acts of Youth

By John Wieners 1934–2002 John Wieners

And with great fear I inhabit the middle of the night
What wrecks of the mind await me, what drugs
to dull the senses, what little I have left,
what more can be taken away?

The fear of travelling, of the future without hope
or buoy. I must get away from this place and see
that there is no fear without me: that it is within
unless it be some sudden act or calamity

to land me in the hospital, a total wreck, without
memory again; or worse still, behind bars. If
I could just get out of the country. Some place
where one can eat the lotus in peace.

For in this country it is terror, poverty awaits; or
am I a marked man, my life to be a lesson
or experience to those young who would trod
the same path, without God

unless he be one of justice, to wreak vengeance
on the acts committed while young under un-
due influence or circumstance. Oh I have
always seen my life as drama, patterned

after those who met with disaster or doom.
Is my mind being taken away me.
I have been over the abyss before. What
is that ringing in my ears that tells me

all is nigh, is naught but the roaring of the winter wind.
Woe to those homeless who are out on this night.
Woe to those crimes committed from which we
can walk away unharmed.

So I turn on the light
And smoke rings rise in the air.
Do not think of the future; there is none.
But the formula all great art is made of.

Pain and suffering. Give me the strength
to bear it, to enter those places where the
great animals are caged. And we can live
at peace by their side. A bride to the burden

that no god imposes but knows we have the means
to sustain its force unto the end of our days.
For that is what we are made for; for that
we are created. Until the dark hours are done.

And we rise again in the dawn.
Infinite particles of the divine sun, now
worshipped in the pitches of the night.



John Wieners, "Acts of Youth" from Selected Poems, 1958-1984, published by Black Sparrow Books. Copyright © 1986 by John Wieners.
Reprinted by permission of the John Wieners Literary Trust.

MONDAY 4 July 2011

Just got a package friend Ben at Rough Trade Records with more Belle and Sabastian and new Cornershop, a band he is in, and i found a good video to the first song on the CD Cornershop ft Bubbley Kaur: United Provinces Of India wonderful cd. get it now!

WEDNESDAY 30 June 2011

My friends are helping me and my turtles...

March of Turtles Snags JFK

Turtle chaos: terrapins delay flights at JFK

THUSRSDAY 29 June 2011

Keley's piece in Salford, Manchester TURTLE. First PICTURE...

MONDAY 27 June 2011

Old painter friend Jamie Dalglish has a band CONTAINER with 30 songs under MUSIC on the main page, so check them out.

FRIDAY 24 June 2011

Markus Acher and Valerie Trebljan had a boy YURI OSKAR - whoopee!!!!!

Yuri says Hello!

Being held by Noriko:

FRIDAY 24 June 2011

from Turtle Miranda......

interesting image from Arizona... a colleague is part of a zen group & this is where they meet. there has been some fire damage as there has been in many of these part

FRIDAY 24 June 2011

Turtle Sue's window bow.

WEDNESDAY 22 June 2011

From Elmar Hermann:

Good Morning Michael!

A turtle a day ...

SATURDAY 18 June 2011

"dear michael,
how are you?

we were asking ourself
if you had seen the videos of our 'turtle' gig at Arnaud's Gallery
if not, here they are:

Arnaud Lefebvre

it was a great moment for us,
we were very proud to be there
and very touched by Arnaud's ( and Ivana's) kindness

so thank you very much,
one more time!

i send you some pictures
hoping they will meet you,
i hope you will like them

warm regards


FRIDAY 10 June 2011

My nephew, Mark and son, Henry!

WEDNESDAY 8 June 2011

INEZ, Peter Davidson's grand step-daughter turns 4 yesterday had a shower and Elizabeth is so good helping me. Now I am just sharing my mail. Feeling better than yesterday.

WEDNESDAY 8 June 2011

FROM a dear friend thought i would share it with you.

I must be as crazy as the gods!

Another good, deep smoke, taken slowly and held a length of time. Opening my mouth and letting the smoke's nectar drift out, floating upward.

I am cool. I feel clean. The light sea air absorbs my body. I am one with my mattress and its striped summer sheets (SSS).

I can hear my lower back ungorging any pressure.

My shoulders seem to float and use the lightest of support. My painful neck is now loosely stretched and flexible. Any cracking or crunching appears to be on hiatus.

My arms show alertness and are stronger. They exhibit full extension and both hands' dexterity will, with time and patience, only improve. Further evidence of my road to recovery afforded during my hospital stay's physical therapy regimen.

And my legs: Swimming and being in the sun on a regular basis has proven to awaken these hard-working limbs of mine. I lie with them stretched flatly below my natural, universal body. They lie languidly, spread about 30 inches apart. They have healthy color, and their skin faintly envelopes them.

It seems as if each pore of my naked body now is breathing in the lightest essences of the sea and the salt.

The surf continues its ever-changing brush of ballads.

I am cleansed. I can sleep. I will breathe.
I will love.

Richard Tobias III
4:15 am
June 7, 2011, A.D.

TUESDAY 7 June 2011

Want to die today. Bbut won't. got 2 t-shirts from Maki and Martinein Düseldorf, am wearing a Muji and have a New Order POER, CORRUPTON AND LIES. To wear so I will live another day. I am a mess and happy to have turtle in NY tonight.
I cannot go iscp-nyc.org/index.php?id=615

FRIDAY 3 June 2011

This morning, during shower I felt how lucky I was to have a person so lucky to be cleaned. But it is a drag depending on this, likely for the rest of my life. And soon I am moving so new cleaner and not Elizabeth who know me and does me well. I am waiting for surgery on my foot. Was upset with the surgeon who said he was cutting 5 tendons in my foot to free it, then need a boot and a walker. I returned not asking about repair. Wrote to the Dr. here to talk to him about it. He did and the surgeon said he was releasing my tendons. That sounded better but I will still go for a second opinion as I did not like his telling me he was cutting and that was it and Edith, who cares for me as family, feels the same. She is helping me find someone from where she once worked in a hospital in orthepedic surgery. I am in good guiding hands like I want to be for the surgery.

THURSDAY 2 June 2011

Slept well but dealing with bathroom is always hard. washing without a hand towel went ok, just used a large towel in part. Felt good about that. Did some writing on turtle. Very tired from that. am so blue and I want to be else.

FRIDAY 20 May 2011

from turtle poet Kim Jensen

Colombia Fundraising Party!

MONDAY 16 May 2011

Peter Blum Showing ‘Passengers’ by Chris Marker

SATURDAY 14 May 2011

from the Parisian cat
"a trove" (CIA)

MONDAY 9 May 2011


W.A. Mozart KV 313 Ausschnitt Adagio ma non troppo Andrea Loetscher, Flöte, Musikkollegium Winterthur, Johannes Schlaefli, Leitung

More infos about Andrea on www.andrea-loetscher.com

TUESDAY 6 May 2011

the Parisian cat....
whale whale whale

TUESDAY 3 May 2011

THE CAT NEXT DOOR From our cat next door in Paris

SUNDAY 24 April 2011

Easter Greetings TACES

from special turtle in Switzerland: Joseph's walking and his Sophie's beauty ...

Dear Michael,

Thanks for dropping a line and keeping me posted. i hope all goes well for you with the surgery. Sophie and I are doing well. Sophie will be going to California in July. She is really excited about that. She is still playing the violin and is doing remarkably well. I am very satisfied with her progress. I am fine, working and hiking and hiking every weekend. really love being outdoors in the mountains. I have enclosed a couple of pics from the hike today. I wish you all the best with good health and recovery as well as a Happy Easter. We will be hand painting eggs tomorrow, should be fun. Keep in touch and Take Care

Your friend


MONDAY 18 April 2011

Updated posts on Happenstance blog

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the interruption of blog posts. We had a technical glitch and, while in Mongolia, I combined the two impossible things – parenting and making a movie! But now we back up and running!

Please stay tuned for updates about Mongolia and our film – currently titled “8th Trip To Baaskaa”


Best wishes, Martina

MONDAY 11 April 2011

Arnaud Lefebvre's brother

THURSDAY 7 April 2011

Beth Eisen Memorial Scholarship: Almost There!

Dear friends,

We have some exciting news to share.

Thanks to the generosity of folks like you, we're on track to award the first Beth Eisen Memorial Scholarship this spring—in time to fund a student for the NEXT academic year, ahead of what we'd hoped! The funds will support a University of Maine Farmington student's academic and creative pursuits during the 2011-12 school year.

We just need to raise $1,500 more in the next few weeks. Can you help us get there?

In order to award a scholarship this year, and in order to build a fund for the future, we're closing in on two critical fundraising goals: $500 for immediate distribution and $10,000 for the initial endowment.

1. To help make this year's $500 scholarship award, please donate by check. Make checks payable to our scholarship administrator, the Maine Community Foundation. Write "Beth Eisen Memorial Scholarship, for endowment or distribution as needed" on the memo line. Mail to the MCF, 245 Main St., Ellsworth, ME 04605.

(If we reach our $500 distribution goal by the time we receive your check, this will enable the MCF to put your gift toward building the endowment.)

2. To help us reach our initial $10,000 endowment goal and to raise the endowment beyond that, so we can disburse an even more meaningful scholarship in perpetuity, please give online. Click here for the MCF's secure donation form. In the Fund Designation menu, select Other. Enter "The Beth Eisen Memorial Scholarship" in the text box provided. Then select 'donation for the fund's endowment.' Please do not select 'for distribution' at this time—if we reach our distribution goal by the time you make your online gift, the system won't allow it to roll over into the endowment.

Donations to the Beth Eisen Memorial Scholarship fund may be tax deductible. Please consult your accountant or tax preparer.

Questions about your gift? Call the Maine Community Foundation at (877) 700-6800 or email info@mainecf.org.

Thank you for honoring Beth's memory in the best possible way: by sharing her love of art, creativity, writing and learning with those who will cherish it most.


Friends of the Beth Eisen Memorial Scholarship

Journey(2), excerpt. See more of Beth's work at www.BethEisen.com

FRIDAY 1 April 2011

that cat has its eye out for us.

Hundreds work to save Hanoi's legendary giant turtle

Revered by the Vietnamese, the creature has been made ill by pollution, but Hanoians are now struggling to clean its lake

Hundreds of people are working round the clock to clean up a lake in the heart of Vietnam's capital in hopes of saving a rare, ailing giant turtle that is considered sacred.

Experts say pollution in Hanoi's Hoan Kiem lake is killing the giant freshwater turtle, which has a soft shell the size of a desk. It is one of the world's most endangered species: it is believed that there are only four in the world.

Teams of people are cleaning debris, pumping fresh water into the lake and building an artificial island to serve as a "turtle hospital". The rescuers may try to net it for the first time as part of the effort. The Hoan Kiem turtle is rooted in Vietnamese folklore, and some believe the creature that lives in the lake today is the same mythical turtle that helped a Vietnamese king fend off the Chinese nearly six centuries ago.

The turtle in Hanoi's lake swims alone and in the past has been glimpsed only rarely, sticking its neck out of the water, but it has recently surfaced much more frequently, alarming the public with glimpses of raw open wounds on its head and legs.

Meetings were called, a council was established and 10 government agencies were put to work to try to save it.

"For the Vietnamese, the Hoan Kiem lake turtle is the most sacred thing," said retired state employee Nguyen Thi Xuan, 63, who had travelled from a suburban district to try to get a glimpse. "He has helped the Vietnamese to defeat foreign invaders and helped the country to have peace. I hope he will live for ever."

The lake, which is one mile (1.6km) long, is a city landmark, with its curved red bridge leading to a temple on a tiny island. Weeping willows and other leafy trees shade the pavement on the road that circles the water. It is a popular site for tourists and Hanoians to exercise and relax.

But all sorts of rubbish have been thrown into it, including bricks, concrete, plastic bags and raw sewage. It is not uncommon to see men urinating directly into the murky water.

The pollution is slowly killing the Hoan Kiem turtle, a Vietnamese scientist said.

"I believe the injuries were caused by sharp edges from debris in the lake," said associate professor Ha Dinh Duc, who has studied the lone turtle for 20 years and considers himself its caretaker. "The poor quality of the water also makes the conditions unbearable for the turtle."

Duc said small red-eared turtles, which are popular pets, have also been released into the lake. They are believed to be feeding on the giant turtle's festering wounds, which may be worsening the infection. The turtle rescue team hopes to coax it on to land and treat the wounds. Sandbags have been built up to create a small island for it to emerge. But if it does not crawl on to the platform by itself, a net will be used to capture it.

No one knows the turtle's age or sex, but scientists say it is probably the most endangered freshwater turtle species in the world. It weighs about 200kg and its shell is 1.8m long and 1.2m wide.

The Mall
London SW1Y 5AH

WEDNESDAY 30 March 2011

ICA Artists' Film Club: David Blandy

David did a performance at the first turtle at Chelsea Space. Finally I hear the word HIROSHIMA not in the news. Of course Emmanuelle Riva, who does the V.O in p.s. beirut and was the main character in Alain Resnais's HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR

Artists' Film Club: David Blandy

Courtesy of the artist and Seventeen Gallery

Friday 8 April 6.30pm

Artist Film Club features the public premiere of David Blandy's latest work Child of the Atom. Inspired by his grandfather's belief that the atomic bombing ofHiroshima saved his life when he was a POW held by the Japanese, Child of the Atom revolves around footage of Blandy and his daughter visiting Hiroshima for the first time together. Attempting to literally and symbolically come to terms with their personal connection to the bombing of the city, Blandy intersperses scenes of modern Hiroshima with flashback sequences of apocalyptic anime, featuring the film's eponymous character who must decide if he is hero or villain.

After the screening Blandy will discuss making the work, memory, and family legends, with collaborating Mango artist and Japanese expat Inko and Anne Piper, a novelist and playwright, who has been actively protesting against nuclear weapons for over 50 years in addition to being Blandy’s grandmother.

Free, please call 020 7930 3647 to book.

→ More information

Supported by Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

MONDAY 28 March 2011

from that cat in Paris. He does not sleep.

MONDAY 28 March 2011

From Cynthia Baldwin.

Tommy took this photo for you this morning as he walked along the trails of Monkton w/ our other dog, Remmington.

Turtles Everywhere!

Along the NCR Trail near Glencoe

FRIDAY 25 March 2011

cMalin Stähl a resl turtle sharing dogs

THURSDAY 24 March 2011

check this out...

WEDNESDAY 23 March 2011

From the cat in Paris.

AND I HAVE AN AUNT JANE. sister of my father who supported my art career

TUESDAY 22 March 2011


Thought you might like to see the photo of the super moon from 3/l9. Tommy set up his tripod out in the field behind the flower shop and took this. XXXXXXXC

MONDAY 21 March 2011

trace from the cat again HA!

Subject: copyright

FRIDAY 18 March 2011

trace from the cat in Paris...

Subject: Magdalena

WEDNESDAY 16 March 2011

Time is a tree

Dear people,

I just launched a Kickstarter project to try to raise money to help me publish a 300 print run of a book. The book will be packed full of portraits of Oregon artists and trees. Kickstarter is a fairly new internet tool which provides an opportunity for community funding of creative projects. Kickstarter is all or nothing. If the minimum goal is not reached, it will not be funded and you will not be charged. The printing will happen and you will be charged ONLY if at the end of 30 days, the goal is reached.

"Time is a Tree" is a photographic documentation of a portion of the creative community in Portland, Oregon (circa 1990 - 2010). There is a wide range of disciplines represented including; artists, writers, film makers, curators and musicians. Each artist is photographed standing next to a tree. The books will be full color, at least a hundred pages and produced at an environmentally friendly print house in Berkeley. There is MUCH more information about the project at my kickstarter page, including a slide show video of the photos I have taken so far:

Time is a tree

I know most of my friends don't have a lot of money. I totally understand if you can't contribute... if you can, wonderful!!! But if not, you can still help me spread the word by posting a link on Facebook or whatever social tool you use (including old fashioned word of mouth).

Thank you so much!
Melody Owen

FRIDAY 11 March 2011

Cecilia Wee

Subject: Last few days of If Not, Then What?

Hi All,

If you've not yet visited If Not, Then What? there are a few days left of the project.

Today Strategies for Free Education, who have been initiating readings of Marx's Capital and other self-organised learning across the UK will be inhabiting the physical and media space of Chelsea College of Art + Design, exploring materials relating to Gandhi's Salt March (which began on 12 March 1930), a non-violent protest which was instrumental in establishing Indian independence. Strategies for Free Education will be transmitting these materials over FM radio via a specially created aerial onsite at Chelsea. If you are coming to Chelsea College today, bring an FM radio and come along to the pavilion on the parade ground to find out the bandwidth we'll be broadcasting on.

Tomorrow is Just Art For A Change: this day of discussion, performance + workshops coincides with the Liberal Democrats Party conference in Sheffield, creating itinerant ideas, constructive strategies and portable artworks that can be brought to occupations, rallies and demonstrations, such as the NUS/TUC rally in Hyde Park on Saturday 26 March and beyond.

11am - seminar on political gatherings led by Raimi Gbadamosi

12noon - slogan-generating workshop with Gethan and Myles

1.30-4pm - Leibniz performance collective will be presenting the Book Of Blood for the eighth time, inviting members of the public to donate a pin-prick of blood which is used to write a letter from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in a leather-bound book.

Throughout the day - interventions by Mark McGowan (The Artist Taxi Driver), performances by workshop participants and Ania Bas and Grunts for the Arts.

Sophie Nathan, Post-Capitalist candidate for Mayor of London 2012 will also be giving an address.

The pavilion built by Charlesworth, Lewandowski + Mann will stay up on the parade ground at Chelsea College of Art until the morning of Wednesday 16 March.

Hope to see you over the next few days!


SUNDAY 6 March 2011

from dear friend Katherine Dieckman


FRIDAY 4 March 2011

Julien Mereula has a project and this begins...

THE MOVIES DOORS EXIT ( image + audio file)

SATURDAY 5 March 2011

Dear Michael,
There is a small painting which is offered to you.
It will be at most fortunate place.
Sincerely yours,


pour Michael H. Shamberg

Dèfendre-lá, á part soi, votre encèphale
fait une distinction claire et en fait entrer.

Maîtriser l'illusion qui tente de pènètrer
au lieu de dèborder.

L'image où la lèsion s'accumule,
couvre le ciel où vous levez les yeux.

qui prolifére, le sourire des mitochondries.

Le turtle, á dix mille annèes, au fond de la mer,
fait mûrir la tortue qu'il a avalèe.

Enfin, c'est le sommeil, qui n'explose pas,
qui est devenu relique á sa mort.

La mèthode de l'art-attaque, en l'espéce,
le mècanisme de la maladie.

Les yeux voyant s'ècrasent á l'intèrieur,
le rèveil vers une vie quotidienne.

Quelques fois aprés,
elles commencent leurs vies, les mitochondries.

La racine de l'art qui trouble l'harmonie prèètablie
de la maladie et le combat des rues.

á la priére humaine, qui vit avec le turtle,
qui mèrite de mentionner sa profondeur.

Vous ècrivez l'èpitaphe vivante au sanctuaire
de sa migration secréte.

tortue: grenade


for Michael H. Shamberg

Defend - there, privately your brain
makes a clear distinction and calls it inside.

Control the illusion which attempts to get into
the stead to flood.

The image where the lesion accumulates,
covers the sky you look up to.

that proliferates, the mitochondria's smile.

The turtle, at ten thousand years, at the bottom of the sea,
makes mature the turtle that he swallowed.

At last, it is sleep, which doesn't explode,
which became the relic at his death.

The method of art-attack, relatively,
the mechanism of illness.

The looking eyes are broken inside,
the awakening toward a certain daily life.

Sometimes later,
they begin their lifes, the mitochondria.

The root of the art that disturbs the preestablished harmony
of the illness and the street fighting.

At the human prayer, which lives with a turtle,
that is worth mentioning its deepness.

You write down a live epitaph at the sanctuary
of one's secret migration.

tortue: grenade

FRIDAY 4 March 2011

Trace from a turtle i am not beware of....SUE WRBICAN

FRIDAY 4 March 2011

Mexico: Expected/Unexpected

Exhibition features works by Mexican and international contemporary artists in its first U.S. presentation

Through May 15, 2011

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD)

SUNDAY 27 February 2011

From a turtle SUE WRBICAN "this morning's bird."

TUESDAY 22 February 2011


TUESDAY 22 February 2011

My dear turtle Mail Stâhl has a new piece she has made called AVA. Hello Ava! Hope to see your work in turtle soon. Love you Ava, Michael

TUESDAY 22 February 2011

Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you to read about 'my' Mongolian children on my new blog: happenstancefamily.blogspot.com

I decided to start a blog because I felt that it would be a good way to give the children a voice in a more immediate, informal setting, rather than simply reporting about them. The blog will also be a travelogue of my experiences in Mongolia (and elsewhere...). The website will stay as it is and will be updated with a detailed report of each individual child after every trip.

I know all of you are interested in following the kids' development and improvements, but I also know you all have busy lives and it can be time-consuming to read such detailed reports. The blog will be a great alternative.

Please spread the word to friends and family. You can "follow" my blog so my updates show up, too.

I am looking forward to being in touch with you all.

Best, Martina

TUESDAY 22 February 2011

BEN is my good friend who visited me in Zurich Klinik. We have a Sebald film project. Have not read this, his first book, but his films are special so i can recommend it to you to get a copy. A copy is on its way to me. So give yourself a ride in his brain. It is wild! Love you all, Michael

Hi All,

all was wobblesome and I wobbliest of all...

Thanks to all of you who have already bought paperback copies of my novel GWUPYGRUBYNUDNYLAND from www.cpibookdelivery.com

It's much appreciated - I hope you enjoy the read.

For those of you who prefer an ebook to a paperback, GWUPY the ebook is now also available from Amazon.. This is where you can buy the ebook version...


for those in the UK, for £5.16 www.amazon.co.uk

for those outside the UK, for $10.34 www.amazon.com

(how Amazon arrives at these prices remains a mystery to me, I wanted £4.99 and $8.99, but mystical processes occur whilst uploading one's pricing information..)


can be bought from anywhere for €5.99 at:


see more information about the book in the attached document and at: www.benhopkins.eu and please do pass this on to anyone who might be interested...

Happy reading, many thanks and best wishes to all,


WEDNESDAY 2 February 2011

From Richard Tobias

Theo Jansen's Strandbeests - Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention E...

WEDNESDAY 2 February 2011

From Michael Ward-Bergeman

Turtle Alert

Three-Year-Old Boy Saves Endangered Sea Turtle. What Did You Do Today?

TUESDAY 1 February 2011

Martina Radwan drove down from NY for 2 hours with me and i was having a big day. began t the masseuse for my leg and foot and acupuncturist with Sue Wrbican who introduced me to Patricia Lott, acupuncturist. then by Atwaters fo lunch and on to Meadowbrook where Emily was working her last day and I needed a bathing suit for pool therapy at KKI where I was due today and Edith came to get me at 8:30, when I was due at the pool. So I had to cancel. My mistake. After I got the bathing suit I was late to find Martina and Barney waiting for me where I live. Barney was new and sweet. Martina is a real turtl in Mongolia where he helps children to find homes. You read of her in here, this site... I LOVE YOU MARTINA!



WEDNESDAY 26 January 2011

dogs are stupid

MONDAY 24 January 2011

rom dear friend and turtle, Elisabeth Karolyi, with ZITA andConstantine, husband and father. Congratulations!!!

Mes chers!

Comme vous pouvez l'imaginer, je n'ai pas encore pris le temps de me plonger dans toutes nos photos et de lire vos messages et le 150 autres qui m'attendent sur ma boîte email! Mais en attendant, je vous transmets ces photos que Constantin a envoyé à la famille. Zita est née le 17 janvier 2011 à 5h35 du matin, elle pèse 3,340 kg et mesure 50 cm. Tout s'est très bien passé! Je découvre maintenant les joies de l'allaitement ; ) mais surtout d'être maman...!!!************

Je vous embrasse tous très fort, je pense bien à vous et ai hâte de vous voir,

A vite,


MONDAY 24 January 2011

From the cat in Paris. He doesn't stop...and turtle will continue in Paris through February.

SUNDAY 23 January 2011

TURTLE JUMP from Paris cat....

24 heures photo

SATURDAY 22 January 2011

Bernard Sumner of New Order sailed across the Atlantic and this from a note:

All down the coast of Africa we had dolphins nearly every day and it was so hot 36'C in the daytime and the stars at night were amazing, it was like a 3d film playing all around you every day, I never got bored for one minute. I enclose a couple of photos but when I find a way of sending you large files I'll send some more.


TUESDAY 18 January 2011

from the cat in Paris...


SATURDAY 01 January 2011


Michael x

SATURDAY 01 January 2011

SATURDAY 01 January 2011

From the Paris cat...

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