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THURSDAY 23 December 2010

a nice note with simon fisher turner music we have on site...

Dear Michael



I hope you will spend these days with your sister or some friends and I hope that you will become better and better ...... I send you some photos of the exibitition about Derek Jarman's Super 8 films - it is real - marvelous - I was soo impressed ! ! ! The Julia Stoschek Foundation made a very good presentation of twenty-two sequences in this huge space and the music of Simon Fisher Turner was putting me in an other universe ! He specially composed a soundtrack for this exibition. I thought a lot of you there and I'm shure you would have liked it .....

Tomorrow morning I will leave to my mother to Saarbrücken - if the train will work !
There is unbelievable much snow here !!

A lot of love Elisabeth

TUESDAY 21 December 2010

Turtle T-Shirt

Write to NEST - nest.berlin@gmail.com to order a t-shirt with logo by Chris Marker

TUESDAY 21 December 2010

from Michael a filmmaker and cameraman who shot my TRIBECA.

Have a complex yet satisfying Holidays,
Michael Oblowitz

MONDAY 20 December 2010

Anita was a student at Slade that helped do turtle there and Frank his her baby boy. Malin Stähl is the tree...

Our Warmest Wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Kind Regards,

Malin and Anita

MONDAY 20 December 2010

from the cat in Paris...

Hallelujah Flash Mob

SUNDAY 19 December 2010

from Barbara Schwarz who is married to my cousin Phil

Seasons Greetings 2010

FRIDAY 17 December 2010

My great grand nephew Emmett Sutton is here in his Grace church Christmas show

here is emmett singing his little heart out to christmas songs! so so cute!

FRIDAY 17 December 2010

I put the photos on my website: www.galeriearnaudlefebvre.com
Please let me know what you think,

SUNDAY 12 December 2010

My dear old friend Kim, who visited me in Paris, has locked her new film.


SUNDAY 12 December 2010

Walter De Maria's Large Red Sphere at Kunstareal in Munich

Stiftung Pinakothek der Moderne

Kunstareal in Munich
Türkentor, Türkenstrasse 17


SATURDAY 11 December 2010

This is my good friend Scott here who keeps me alive. wearing a Ravens shirt for the team to win! love you,Scott

SATURDAY 11 December 2010

Liebe Mitglieder, Freunde und Kunstinteressierte,

hiermit möchten wir Euch/Sie herzlich zur Ausstellungseröffnung am 18.12.2010, 1800 Uhr, einladen.

herzliche Grüsse

Michael Müller

FRIDAY 10 December 2010

This is nurse TYIESHA. a beautiful woman and good soul looking after me. Big kiss to you Tyiesha (great name!).

FRIDAY 10 December 2010

This is HENRY,my greatnephew of Mark, his first baby. He is holding Henry. I love you Mark and look forward to meeting Henry. Kiss to Kim.

THURSDAY 9 December 2010

from the Paris cat...


SUNDAY 5 December 2010

Children Of The Blue Sky

An updated Photo Exhibition of the children and landscapes of Mongolia, the Land of the Blue Sky!

December 1st to December 31st, 2010

Ciao For Now

523 E 12th Street, btwn. Ave. A & B; p: (212) 677-2616

Please join us for the Opening on December 9th, 7pm – 9pm.

For more information about my work in Mongolia please go to www.eternalblueskyofmongolia.org

If you are still looking for Christmas presents, please check out the Mongolian Felt slippers, handmade by the children in my program. They will be available for sale at the opening. For a preview, please go to

Hope to see you all!
Best, Martina

Martina Radwan

SATURDAY 4 December 2010

From turtle Michael Ward-Bergeman

Three-Year-Old Boy Saves Endangered Sea Turtle.
What Did You Do Today?

SUNDAY 28 November 2010

From the cat in Paris

SATURDAY 27 November 2010

This is a free download from New Order concert at the Paradise Garage of dj Larry Levan with Keith Haring often there and no bar just water and I set it up for my first New Order music video "Confusion" and it bring back many good memories. Enjoy! new-order-live-the-paradise-garage-1983-bootleg I have to write about this one with Charles Sturridge directing and Ed Lachman director of photography. Read about others at www.kinoteca.net

SATURDAY 27 November 2010

From dear friend Joseph Gomes for California but lives in Switzerland where I met him when in the health place after Paris.

is it you in Rome sending me wonderful cards? xxm

Yes Michael it is I !!
I spent 10 incredible days in Rome. It was fabulous!! I was totally caffeinated the entire time. Have to go back again. Here are some other pics I got as well. I hope you are doing well. Would love to hear from you.


Stone inlay on a church floor

Benedict XVI in St Peter's Basilica

Detail of the Turtle Fountain

The Altar in "St Cecilia in Trastevere". The Patron Saint of Music

One of Bernini's Angel's on Ponte Angelo

Night pic of Vittorio Emanuel II Monument on the Capitoline Hill

SATURDAY 27 November 2010

Mikey sent this to Cynthia who sent it to me so I can share

Baby Hummingbird

FRIDAY 26 November 2010

Dear Bob and Julian and Michael,

Here is the anouncement for your "Films" exhibition; both attached and in the email.
I hope you will like it.
I also mailed some card anouncements today.

All the best,

TUESDAY 23 November 2010

From the cat in Paris

TUESDAY 23 November 2010

Hi Michael.

Here are a couple of large scale projected animations I exhibited in a recent one night show, "To Be Destroyed", in the old Football Association HQ in Soho Square. Please follow links for more images and video...

Best wishes, Kris



TUESDAY 23 November 2010

The first video I produced with New Order.


FRIDAY 19 November 2010

Listening to Colleen's music I wrote and she shared some pics of her sculpture and the sea...

THURSDAY 18 November 2010

Liebe Freunde,

Ich möchte euch herzlich einladen zu einer Veranstaltung in meinerAusstellung bei Laura Mars Grp. (Sorauer Str. 3, 10997) an diesem Sonntag, den 21. November 2010.Ab ca. 20.00 Uhr präsentiere ich einen Vortrag über die Anfänge der Freikörperbewegung in Deutschland. Im Anschluß gibt es Musik und Getränke von der Hinterzimmerbar. Ich würde mich freuen euch dort zu sehen!

Liebe Grüße,


Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you to an event in my exhibition at Laura Mars Grp. (Sorauer Str. 3, 10997) on this sunday, 21st of november. At 8.00 pm I will present a lecture about the beginnings of the german nudist movement (lecture in german). Following there will be music and drinks from the back room bar. I would be happy to meet you there!

Best, Philip

WEDNESDAY 17 November 2010

very special from the cat in Paris....

Freixenet :: The Key to Reserva

TUESDAY 16 November 2010

From Cat in Paris

trouvé dans Libé

SUNDAY 14 November 2010

Chante Robertson who works here brought her daughter Sade Marie by and she sang for me. you can find her on YouTube such as...

She is a turtle and will sing at next show...

FRIDAY 12 November 2010

From dear friend Liz Long with whom i produced some videos.

It's only November but Aspen is a winter wonderland!


TUESDAY 9 November 2010

WINDFALL wins grand jury prize at DOC NYC! Two more screenings today

I just want you to know that WINDFALL won the grand jury prize at DOC NYC last night! There are two more screenings today, and I will be there with the crew who worked on the film to do a Q and A afterwards. There will also be the executive director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment who will talk discuss her experience with the environmental impacts of wind energy development.

Here's a link to the announcement about the prize:

'Windfall' nabs grand jury prize at Doc NYC fest - Entertainment News, Legit News, Media - Variety

Here is a link to ticket information for the screenings today:

WINDFALL today at 3:15 and 8:30 pm www.movietickets.com/pre_purchase

It would be great if you could pass this information on to anyone that may be interested in attending.

Hope to see you there!


TUESDAY 9 November 2010

Dear friend Ann Pibal's little Ori including a photo took by Ori.

TUESDAY 2 November 2010

MONDAY 1 November 2010

From Laura Israel

WINDFALL will be screening at DOC NYC at the IFC Theater on Friday, November 5 at 7PM. Here's the link: Windfall | DOC NYC The wonderful cartoonist and author Lynda Barry will be answering questions after the film along with WINDFALL director Laura Israel. Lynda has been working on a book about people living among wind turbines in Wisconsin and has interviewed 20 families in three different Wisconsin wind projects. She's also been an over night guest in their homes in order to experience living among turbines for herself.

Hope to see you there!

poster by Alex Bingham

MONDAY 1 November 2010

"dear micheal,

wanted to send you some pics of my new show in berlin. looking at it i realize, that i was actually quite productive this year, putting together two complete and entirely different shows (april in rome and now in berlin). this one is my first show without a sculpture (except the musems bench), maybe that's why it feels very clear and tidy! actually i really like the process of working with images rather than tools and i got into a very good flow of photographing, collaging and editing images, framing, printing and installing - i really like it :) the wallpaper is my own design, a digital print of an original finger drawing...

big kiss, philip

MONDAY 1 November 2010

From the cat in Paris.



MONDAY 1 November 2010

From long time friend here in Baltimore Tim Gilbert who is with his daughter I hope FOR HALLOWEEN.

SUNDAY 31 October 2010

From Sue Wrbican - "Turtle rug I saw"

SATURDAY 30 October 2010

From Geert Mul...

Dear friends, colleagues and relations,

Geert Mul has won the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology award 2010. Witteveen+Bos offers you a free publication about the work of Geert Mul which includes a DVD !

To request the free publication with DVD: Request form publication Geert Mul

The Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology award 2010 publication incl. DVD will be sent to your adres without any cost.

with kind regards

Geert Mul

WEDNESDAY 27 October 2010

Birthday greetings from my grand nephews Zander and Emmett.

WEDNESDAY 27 October 2010

Hi Michael,


I found this image of a cake that someone baked:

Sorry it's only a photo but I thought a real cake probably wouldn't travel so well, and the thought of sending cake to America is like sending coal to Newcastle.

I hope it's a bright and pleasant day over in Maryland. It's dropping below zero at night now over here, and I still haven't figured the heating out in my flat. Pretty chilly!

Well, happy birthday to you again.

Keep well.

Lot's of love,

T x

WEDNESDAY 27 October 2010

Michael came to wish me a happy birthday!

WEDNESDAY 27 October 2010

My birthday and I finally heard from my dear friend Amanda Stubbs and pictures of her beautiful boys. she is happy at a new company in Paris. Love to Matt and Stan and Amanda XXX MATT.

TUESDAY 26 October 2010

Children Of The Blue Sky

An updated Photo Exhibition of the children and landscapes of Mongolia, the Land of the Blue Sky!

October 15th - November 15th, 2010

K-Dog & Dunebuggy Café

43 Lincoln Road, Park Slope Brooklyn; Q - Train Prospect Park Station p: (718) 282-7139

Please join us for the Opening on October 29th, 7pm - 9pm.

For more information about my work in Mongolia please go to www.eternalblueskyofmongolia.org

SATURDAY 23 October 2010

My dear friend Peter Davidson whose apartment i was in before and after hospital in llondon, has had a serious strokein Melbourne where he lives with Jill shared this with me

"I've attached a photo of Peter taken last June when we visited friends in France and a wee bird landed on him and didn't want to leave, also two shots of Daine and Inez at the beach about 6 months ago. Our love to you.


my tears are running so goodbye now.

SATURDAY 23 October 2010

Charlie visits us here.

WEDNESDAY 20 October 2010

liebe freunde,

ich möchte euch herzlich einladen zu meiner ausstellung in der galerie laura mars grp in berlin. eröffnung ist diesen freitag, den 22. oktober, ab 20.00 uhr, die ausstellung läuft bis 05. dezember. die galerie ist in der sorauer str. 3, in kreuzberg.

in der ausstellung zeige ich neue fotografien und collagen, die sich mit dem spannungsfeld von körperlichkeit und ideologie, besonders der freikörperkultur (FKK), lebensreform-, und turnerbewegung auseinandersetzten. ein zentrales anliegen dieser historischen strömungen war eine rückbesinnung zur natur, bei der der nackte menschliche körper als natürliches gegenstück zur empfundenen maschinisierung der gesellschaft stilisiert wurde. die positive besetzung von nacktheit stand im widerspruch zu den vorherrschenden moralvorstellungen der zeit und initierte einen gesellschaftlichen wandel, der in den 60er jahren fortgesetzt und popularisiert wurde. so prägen viele lebensreformerische ideen, wie biologische ernährung, barfßigkeit und ungeschminkte schönheit noch heute unsere vorstellung von natürlichkeit. die bewertung des menschlichen körpers nach ästhetischen gesichtspunkten wurde aber auch zu einer grundlage der rassistischen ideologie des faschismus. die ausstellung behandelt auch die heutige realität von FKK und untersucht konditionen und tabus die gegenwärtig mit dem nacktsein verbunden sind.

würde mich freuen euch am freitag dort zu sehen, philip


dear friends,

i would like to invite you to my exhibition at laura mars gallery, in sorauer str. 3 in kreuzberg. opening reception is this friday, 22nd of october from 8 pm, the show runs through december, 5th.

in the exhibition i will show new photography and collages that deal with physicalness and ideology, particularly the nudist (FKK), "lebensreform" and gymnastics movement. an essential concern of these historical movements was the "return to nature" and the emphasis of the human body, as a natural complement to the experienced mechanisation of society. the positive connotation of nakedness was opposed to the contemporary concept of morality and initiated a demographic change, that was continued and popularized in the 1960s. many ideas of the "lebensreform", like organic food, barefootedness and natural beauty, stiil define our today notion of naturalness. on the other hand the aesthetic evaluation of the human body also lay a foundation for the racist ideology of fascism. the show will also deal with the contemporary reality of FKK and examines the conditions and taboos still linked to nakedness today.

hope to meet you there on friday,


TUESDAY 12 October 2010

My poster goes to Henry Weiner, son of Kirsten, and it looks good. He as well.

THURSDAY 30 September 2010

Philip Wiegard goes back to the cat walk in London. Another wonderful set with flower collaborator and great clothing watch here Meadham Kirchhoff SS11 and see some pics

THURSDAY 30 September 2010

On saturday 2 October there is a private turtle for the patients at KKI (Kennedy Krieger Institute)

with Kristin Ostling, cellist of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and Brian Page on guitar (Brian was in the St. Mary's boy choir of Kennedy Center in NY with Leonard Bernstein conducting) so he returns to Kennedy in some different and larger shape.

There is another turtle there on the 30 October with poets and writers Kim Jensen, Fanny Howe, and singer Sharen Camille.

SATURDAY 25 September 2010

Poem by John Gianvito

A Daily Prayer (for Tammy)

This is the time we have

And then it's over.
This is the time that we have
As you hold this card
quietly, carefully reading each line.
This is the time that we have
This blessed gift of the Here,
the Now
 and then it's over.
This light, this temperature,
 this chance to breath in
this opportunity to PARTICIPATE
in the unfolding moment
OnlythisNow, only once

 Before it's gone.

SATURDAY 25 September 2010

From dear friend and special filmmaker John Gianvito this video below

A Candle (for Alexis and Nika) from Eric Gulliver on Vimeo.

....and this poem by Miklos Radnoti


The moon hangs on a clouded sky.
I am surprised that I live.
Anxiously and with great care, death looks for us
and those it finds are all terribly white.

Sometimes a year looks back and howls
then drops to its knees.
Autumn is too much for me. It waits again
and winter waits with its dull pain.

The forest bleeds. The hours bleed.
Time spins overhead
and the wind scrawls
big dark numbers on the snow.

But I am still here
and I know why and why the air feels heavy--
a warm silence full of tiny noises circles me
just as it was before my birth.

I stop at the foot of a tree.
Its leaves cry with anger.
A branch reaches down. Is it strangling me?
I am not a coward. I am not weak, I am

tired. And silent. And the branch
is also mute and afraid as it enters my hair.
I should forget it, but I 
forget nothing.

Clouds pour across the moon. Anger
leaves a poisonous dark-green bruise on the sky.
I roll myself a cigarette,
slowly, carefully, I live.

June 8, 1940

THURSDAY 23 September 2010

SIMON FISHER TURNER dear friend and composer for Derek Jarman...

MySpace page


SUNDAY 19 September 2010

This is my current film and the woman in it Nadine who speaks of tennis during the war, his son, Ryan Jabra, is 13 and wrote this wonderful story as a Journal Paragraph

p.s. beirut chapter 1 from lightblack on Vimeo.

The inhabitants are called Happylandians and their technology is the most advanced in any race. Their top scientists have declared faster than light travel obsolete, replacing it with faster-than-happy speed in all of their Happylandian spaceships. The national food of Happyland is a dish known as Hapalagnog. Hapalagnog is basically marshmallows on a sharpened candy cane dipped in rosewater. Happylandians are naturally calcium and protein-deficit as most of their food consists of sugar and cream. The lack of a normal diet has led to an abnormal amount of Happyland's citizens to be overweight or obese. The Happyland Corporation Smileumberella has developed helper robots to make life for overweight citizens easier and has earned a terragram of sugar in profit. Politics in Happyland is complicated; the two main parties are the sugarcrats and the sweetloafians, and have two moral schools of thought that correspond with each of them, respectively, the sugarals and the pieservatives. The sugarals believe that the problems of the world should be fixed with reason and happiness; the pieservatives believe that the problems will be sorted out by faith in their main god, Sugaarlo. There is a big controversy with the two sides over an alleged phenomenon known as global tooth rot. Global tooth rot was a word allegedly coined by the sugarcrat politician Hal Scone and describes the phenomenon in which the massive consumption of sugar will render the citizens of Happyland toothless and unable to happily consume sugar anymore. The sweetloafians dismiss these claims as sugaral propaganda as Hal Scone was found to be incompetent as a politician. Politics in Happyland is troubled due to society's reliance on sugar for their spaceships and power generators, as well as a culture that condones the wasting of sugar and other resources. Happyland's economy is failing and is causing the other planets in its galaxy to encounter a galactic recession. Economists say the recession was caused by the gratuitous acceptance of large loans and bad investments as well as Happyland's war with a large sugar mine that is known as the eastern middle of the galaxy. Recent sugarnet studies has said that other planets find the citizens of Happyland repulsive and ignorant due to their alleged ego and ridiculous consumption of sugar. Happyland is said to be the happiest land of all time but is it really?

FRIDAY 17 September 2010

From Ildiko Enyedi some bliss

SUNDAY 12 September 2010

Ex-student of mine Alexei Kaleina has his first film THE AFTERLIGHT made with Craig Macneill out at the Quad in NYC. It is poetic. Good luck to them.


FRIDAY 10 September 2010

Hi Michael,

Hope your doing well. I was on a day long hike last Saturday and came across this sign and had to take a picture (see attachment) for you. It seems that turtles are everywhere even in the mountains of Switzerland!!

Take care


FRIDAY 3 September 2010


Here is the Lyric sheet for Snapper. The song came from true story
of my now wife and I saving a Snapper from being run over by trucks
during mating season in southern Ontario Canada, Guelph to accurate.

cheers, thanks for your interest.


6/8 [8 bars]

He lives in a swamp, and he eats grass and frogs
sometimes you can see him lurking behind the weeds
he's a sleeper in the daylight, a snapper into the night
on a bad day you'll find him friendly, until you give him a fright
[shake into 6/8]

6/8 [4 bars]

one morning when the moon was still one the leaves
he went for a walk, the highway was busy with trucks in gear
and spring was into the air
with moments before the otherside
he heard a roar come to a halt [6 over 4]
what looked like a crazy creature
came waving about

What is in the winters mind of a turtle?
What is in the winters mind of a turtle?
What is in the winters mind... of a turtle?
[shake into 6/8]

6/8 solo [8 bars]

he never thought he could ever fly
but the air tickled his heart
before he knew it he was back at home
all wet and alone
he would try once again when the moon hit the sky
and drifted into the night
[6 over 4 with shake into 6/8]

6/8 [8 bars]

THURSDAY 2 September 2010





Einladung zu unserer Ausstellung / Please take note of our exhibition:


My Grandma was a Turtle 03.September - 16.Oktober 2010 Zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung am: Freitag 03. September 18 - 22 Uhr laden wir herzlich ein!

Dewey, OK, USA 2008 Aonpekinund, Xavior Michael-Young Meaning of Aonpekikund: He appears as Blue Water Tribes: Delaware (Turtle clan) and Seminole (Panther clan) C-print, 56 x 48 cm gerahmt Booksigning mit Cuny Janssen @ Schaden.com am Freitag 03. September in der A4! 18 - 19.30 Uhr Sabine Schmidt Galerie An der Schanz 1a 50735 Köln Tel.: +49 221 4920373 galerie@sabineschmidt.com www.sabineschmidt.com

WEDNESDAY 18 August 2010

Turtle when on Martha's Vineyard RED SPACE

SUNDAY 15 August 2010

This is poem I asked for from Kaleyeah and she wrote it for her father, my roommate Ken's, birthday of 44!

Your smile brightens up my day
Your smile makes everything okay
Your smile is like the sun so bright
It makes me shine when it's dark at night
Follow you wherever you lead
Cause your smile is all I need

Love, Kaleayah (Locus)

WEDNESDAY 11 August 2010


MONDAY 9 August 2010

A little bonbon for you from Jan Nisselson of Virtual Beauty. Kiss you Jane. www.vbnyc.com

Last year at Marienbad - Making of

SUNDAY 8 August 2010

buddy Tarquin Glass from Recorded Picture Company in London where Hercules Bellville, my good dear friend, worked and Tarquin bcame a friend who helped me out a lot. He has made a very good short.

Enjoy it http://vimeo.com/13651932

SUNDAY 8 August 2010


cat again... WORLDS APART

WEDNESDAY 4 August 2010

from the cat OFF ALL PLACES...

TUESDAY 3 August 2010

Ola Manana came to visit sunday from NYC. She brought this auto portrait to the first turtle

I took this shot with a phone thank you so much Ola and I saw that turtle Solan might be the correct spelling!

FRIDAY 30 July 2010

THIERRY FOURNIER AT CONEY ISLAND (baby) and came to visit me, maybe after something he ate there sent him to me?


Bridie Borrell sent this quote: "Though the vicious can sometimes pour affliction upon the good, their power is transient and their punishment certain; and that innocence, though oppressed by injustice, shall, supported by patience, finally triumph over misfortune!"
Ann Radcliffe, The Mysteries of Udolpho, 1764 thank you, Bridie she added We all love you Michael.

Added this is younger daughter of my roommate Ken, her name KALEAYAH, a most beautiful name, and this photo does not do her beauty service its just a phone snapshot, but i want to share because IT IS THERE. Thank you

THURSDAY 29 July 2010

My postal carrier in her beautiful dress. Sorry I don't have her beautiful face, nor her name which I forgot...

Here i am with a turtle, a gift from Cynthia she got in the Dominincan Republic, something i can't eat from her but i like it a lot.

TUESDAY 27 July 2010

The cat from Paris DUET

WEDNESDAY 21 July 2010

This is MIKE the dog who visits people here, like me. he is very nice.

TUESDAY 20 July 2010

Flaming July

24 July 2010 to 15 August 2010

Leighton House, Kensington

Private view and opening Friday 23 July 2010, 6pm to 9pm An exhibition curated by Brooke McGowan and Liane Lang, part of the Cultural Olympiad Project Once Upon a Time in the West, supported by the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Flaming July - Press release.

TUESDAY 20 July 2010

This is Maria and Harold Hardinger's cat Alex who recently died at 13 years. Maria is a large part of my recovery. Big kiss to Maria and Alex.

some a friend of Maria's: You know that Alex spent a good part of this morning learning how to ride a bike - That's some of what they do in kitty heaven.

MONDAY 19 July 2010

Malcolm, son of Ned Richardson my dear friend and producer who is producing my life back together, was in Chicago and the other night my friend turtle Mia Clarke whom i know from her UK band Electrelane is in a new band Follows and he got to see them and got a little photo of them and you can learn of them on myspace followsmusic .i am jealous but hope to bring them to baltimore.

SUNDAY 18 July 2010

Sussana Thornton up from Washington visiting me in my pain.

and Boris with my friend, in friend Cynthia Hutton's garden, whom i move faster than

TUESDAY 13 July 2010

ELLEN LONG 4 year old daughter of dear friend Liz Long who I did some music video productions together. A great producer and wonderful person whom now lives in Aspen.

Liz and Ella beautiful babes... M iss you Liz and must meet you Ellen BIG KISS XM

TUESDAY 13 July 2010

Turtle from the cat in paris stolen from WEBSHOTS

MONDAY 12 July 2010

Tarcel, son of Tanya Clayborn one of my special nurses here at Genesis. Great t-shirt!!!

MONDAY 12 July 2010

Cat from Paris saluting Ulysse of Isild Le Besco.

SATURDAY 10 July 2010

Geert Mul at RUHR.2010 European Capital of Culture.

I'm proud to present a new site-specific installation during RUHR.2010 at Hagen with a stretch of 300 meter: Preparations for a Possible Future

The installation will be shown at 23, 24 and 25 July 2010 at the Altenhagener Brücke (near the main railway station), Hagen, Germany.

The installation contains LED lights in combination with computer-prints and is best seen after sunset.

Visit the website for a movie, pdf, and images:
Other activities on this bridge during these days at RUHR.2010:

FRIDAY 09 July 2010

From the cat in paris....

SATURDAY 03 July 2010

SIZE MATTERS in from the cat in paris....


From the cat in Paris, SUNSET.


Tomorrow at GENISIS Michael Ward-Bergeman the acccordionist I met through Osvaldo Goljov and who played first turtle at Chelsea Space and introduced me to Christina Courtin will play perhaps with some poetry fom Lindsay Hill and others. Michael is playing with Yo Yo Ma at Kennedy Center in Washington on Tuesday.


New turtle Sansom Thomas Blandy to original turtles Claire and David Blandy BEAUTIFUL TURTLE congratulations!!!



WEDNESDAY 20 May 2010

Squid & Dong : tuesday may 18

Herzliche einladung zu meinem vortrag, morgen um
21.00 uhr im basso, Köpenicker Str. 187-188.

Mit besten grüßen, Philip

dong turns into an ocean full of ink and pink for philip wiegard presenting

New Found Land - The Stranding of the Giant Squid

a lecture about the history of discovery and the biology of the obscure

before and after sounds & music by mario caroli & lemercier

and calamaresque calories from *caryls citchen


tuesday may the 18th / doors open 8pm till 2am / lecture starts at 9pm

dong: a tuesday night in basso with aktion music and drinks

SUNDAY 11 April 2010

Bridie's dad, Paul, sent me her brothers' band, Joannes Fault, playing "War Mongering" at the (late) Colony Club in London.

They played turtle at Slade and Bridie is a little jewel. No, a BIG JEWEL!

Love to you all, Borrell's,


SATURDAY 10 April 2010

Amos Poe is on his way to making a DIVINE film!

A new translation of Dante's "La Commedia" by the avatar of no-wave cinema, Amos Poe

Go for it!


FRIDAY 9 April 2010

Dear Philip Wiegard, an artist and dear friend I met in Paris at Cité Internationale has his first show opening in Rome tomorrow. Best wishes to you Philip! My spirit is with you there and always...X Michael

Liebe Freunde,

Ich möchte euch herzlich einladen zu meiner Ausstellung "Uomini - Statua - Oggetto"in der Galerie Furini Arte Contemporanea in Via Giulia 8 in Rom. Die Eröffnung ist diesen Samstag, den 10. April um 18.30 Uhr.

Die Ausstellung"Uomini - Statua - Oggetto" (Menschen - Statue - Objekt)wurde inspiriert durch meinen Besuch in der ehemaligen Wohnung von Giorgio de Chirico am Piazza di Spagna in Rom, die heute als privates Museum erhalten ist. Einige seiner Gemälde, die dort an den Wänden hängen, habe ich in Fotografien und gebauten Kulissen nachgestellt und möchte so eine subjektive Sicht auf das Werk des surrealistischen Malers geben. Die neuen Arbeiten zeige ich als Teile einerortspezifischen Installation, die einem privaten Interieur im Stil des beginnenden zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts nachempfunden ist; Ein intimes Ambiente, das persönliche Vorlieben und Sehnsüchte offenbart und diese gleichzeitig unter der reich ornamentierten Oberfläche des bürgerlichen Geschmacks verbirgt.

In fast allen Werken De Chiricos erkennt man dessen Ringen um die Darstellung der menschlichen Figur, die meistens durch die "Manichino" (Schneiderpuppe)ersetzt wurde, ein Hybrid aus Mensch, Statue und Objekt. Diese Ideen möchte ich auf ihre wechselseitigen Bezeihungen untersuchen: Objekte als Ausdruck von Persönlichkeit, die fotografische Pose als Streben nach Unsterblichkeit, der menschliche Körper als Objekt der Begierde...

Die Ausstellung läuft fast zwei Monate und ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn der Eine oder Andere während diesen Zeitraums die Galerie in Rom besuchen kann.

Liebe Grüße,




I would like to invite you to my upcoming exhibition"Uomini - Statua - Oggetto"in the Gallery Furini Arte Contemporanea in Via Giulia 8 in Rome. The opening reception wil be this saturday, 10th of april at 6.30 pm.

The exhibition "Uomini - Statua - Oggetto" (Men - Statue - Object) was inspired by my recent visit to the former apartment of Giorgio de Chirico in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, that was preserved as a private museum. I re-enacted some of his paintings, that were shown inside the museum, as photography, or three dimensional backdrops, giving a highly subjective view on the work of the surrealist painter. The new pieces will be shown in the context of a site-specific installation, that recalls a private interior of the early 20th century; An intimate setting, that reveals personal taste and desires and at the same time conceals them under the rich, ornamented surfaces of bourgeoise decor.

Throughout his carreer De Chirico struggled with the representation of the human figure, that was often substituted in his paintings by the famous "Manichino", a hybrid between human, statue and object. In my exhibition I want to explore the relations and interchanges between these ideas: the object as representation of personaltiy, the photographic pose as an attempt at immortality, the human body as object of desire...

The show will be up for almost two months and I would be very happy, if some of you can make to Rome and visit the gallery during this time.

With best regards,



THURSDAY 8 April 2010

Thank you Richard Heslop for John Cage's 27 SOUNDS MANUFACTURED IN A KITCHEN!


And Franciso Bello for his SALIM BABA


And you can get a free song from LALI PUNA'S new CD REMEMBER at OTHER MUSIC



MONDAY 5 April 2010

From that cat in Paris some RUSSIAN EASTER!


FRIDAY 26 March 2010

..says Guillaume


That cat from Paris!!!


MONDAY 22 March 2010

This Brassai Devant la 'Closerie des Lilas' dans le brouillard [In front of the 'Closerie des Lilas' in the fog]is my body that I feel... seems beautiful here, but says something else to me.


SATURDAY 13 March 2010

Wonderful new work by Melody Owen to share!


new collage

Keep going Melody - this is such strong work it made me cry... I want to see it!!!


THURSDAY 11 March 2010

Gina Birch announces a video event for THE GLUTS! Hello everyone!!

As well as the events listed on the flyer, willbe screening the video The Gluts Go To Copenhagen at 8.00pm, so turn up early if you want to catch it and it (even if I say so myself!) is rather good!!

We would be delighted to see you. Apologies for any cross posting

Should be an extraordinary night, one to remember!!! And one special guest with a surprise desert of Baked Alaska We also have some strange and wonderful dance routines, that will have you rolling in the aisles

gina xx


Got lost today...will let you know when I find myself, or someone! MHS

TUESDAY 9 March 2010

Good day! On the bike with wires and stimulation to my leg at KKI after good morning. A lot of mail as well...

Ben Rivers sent me an announcement> and I had to write him to remind me who he is?! He wrote back that I showed his film Ah, Liberty! in the program for Robert Frank last summer, ugh!! that is my state at the moment but people are kind...


From that cat in ParisLES DORMEUSESHommage á Paul Delvaux (mais si, mais si)

and Vincent Moon has some work to share - a lot of work!

P.S. Dear friend Marie Losier needs help in her film on GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE (for you who know Throbbing Gristle). I have seen its work in progress and it is a gem! And a little bit helps...

Dear Friends,

After 5 years of shooting, making costumes, interviews, working on the film on
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, I need some help to make this film happen finally. I
need an editor to help shape the film to a good solid story, a sound engineer
and transfer of films to HD. The goal is to have the film completed by November
so that it's ready for premiering at the Berlin Film Festival in 2011.

In order to meet this goal I need all the support I can get and I'm excited to
announce an online fundraiser via Kickstarter.com.


In order to make your support worthwhile, I have included a variety of amazing 
and unique rewards from Genesis Breyer P-orridge, Invisible Exports, Bernard 
Yenelouis and Tony Conrad. This is an opportunity to not only help me complete 
my project, but also get a wonderful piece of artwork to boot!

Here's how the Kickstarter fundraiser works:

1) Go to our Kickstarter page (or click on the image): 
2) Take a look at the Rewards and see how much you'd be willing to donate. No 
matter how small, ALL donations are deeply appreciated.
3) Click on "Back This Project".
4) Enter your amount and select your reward.
5) You will need to sign up with Kickstarter.com.
6) Enter your credit card info using a secure Amazon.com account

I have 90 days to reach my fundraising goal. But, in the end if I don't meet 
it, you won't get charged.

This is just a small part of what we need to finish our film.Whether you can 
help by making a pledge or not, please spread the word about this campaign, I am 
endlessly grateful for your help and support. Pass this info along to any 
friend, family member, fan club, user group, mailing list who might be 

Thank you for all your support!


as a tidbit, take a look at the href="http://vimeo.com/5903046" target="_blank">3min trailer!

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!! send this link to everyone!

Good night!


MONDAY 8 March 2010

The GLUTS sing Fizzy Water (and with Gina Birch!)

The Gluts sing Fizzy Water

Kim Shelton's film is coming along... Kim, old friend, visited in Paris when I was still recovering from this disease. This is a poem of a film and look forward to a turtle with it!

The Welcome Home Project

Sad news that Larry Cassidy of SECTION 25 died recently. I knew Larry though out of touch for many years. Miss you Larry! Your music lives on...


Jez Kerr of A CERTAIN RATIO told me the news and that in Manchester in May, you could see Jez with Pete Terrell and Simon Topping do our first gig for 26 years. J P S play Fac 251 May 12th.

Watch Jez's site for music and videos and inCRYSTAL there is a TURTLE!!

jezkerr's posterous

M.CHAT Séoul 2009 :
Une ville, un Chat, SEOUL

And from another cat in Paris:

I rarely photography guys. But this punky-toughie with his bouquet was too touching.

And Kathryn Bigelow wins the Oscar! An old friend whom I caught up when here with THE HURT LOCKER last spring at the Maryland Film Festival. Am so proud of her!!! Some of you may remember she directed the video "Touched by the Hand of God" by New Order, one of my productions.


TUESDAY 2 March 2010

So good to hear from old voices from my turtle past, in LONDON is Sarah Sarhandi who played at Chelsea Space, first turtle, and is making some beautiful music you can hear


And in Paris there is Cécile Colleen who is now making sculpture!

I feel a turtle in this bird!

It began my finding Cécile due to her LES BOITES A MUSIQUE, her music boxes, which helped me heal. We began god friends and were planning a turtle in a church.

This is Cécile's site colleenplays

Her boyfriend Iker' work can be seen at

iker spozio's photostream
Iker Spozio

and a limited-edition magazine at morningmagazine

And another thing from Paris


Parisian Love

Enjoy your day! I am..


SATURDAY 27 February 2010

Received yesterday

NO IT AIN'T KABUL...just a Parisian sidewalk this morning

Yesterday I met Marta at KKI who has MS. She is very nice and had beautiful earrings...


TUESDAY 24 February 2010

Another from Paris STARING BACK

More soon...


SATURDAY 13 February 2010

Peter Wright, old colleague whom I have not seen in years, has something special:

Virtual Label, LLC

And from Paris...

CONTRACT for Guillaume en Egypte...

www.jetueunami.com - GuillaumeEn-Egypte

and Jean-Luc Godard

www.jetueunami.com - JeanlucGodard

Good day!


THURSDAY 11 February 2010

For some reason I had ENO on my mind with turtle and found this yesterday

Turtles on the Eno at Cole Mill Eno River SP NC 1948

and today did BRIAN ENO and found this

The Dragon Turtle Almanac

DRAGON TURTLE and their good music...

Dragon turtle



Sea turtle restoration project

from my sister's house...

Good morning!


WEDNESDAY 10 February 2010


Real Life Avatar Story

And a gift from Lars Kreyssig

a turtle in Turkey. Can see his film BROTHER,BROTHER and read his blog

Thank you for he pink turtle, Lars! Turtles are PINK, that's what they THINK!

BIG HUG with Marion,


TUESDAY 9 February 2010


I miss Paris so much!


FRIDAY 5 February 2010

In case you are on Facebook and are in London you should go FOR ME AND YOU!

James Mackay invites you to "Blue Memorial to Derek Jarman" on Thursday, February 18 at 12:00am.

Event: Blue Memorial to Derek Jarman
Start Time: Thursday, February 18 at 12:00am
End Time: Friday, February 19 at 11:00pm

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Blue Memorial to Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman 35mm test film for Blue

This photo is by Stuart Comer who got the FILM and notebook (where there was a copy available to look through) for our show at his Chelsea Space.

I always remember you presenting it at The New York Film Festival.

My spirit is with you Derek - a BIG KISS X


WEDNESDAY 3 February 2010

Dear friend Cynthia Beatt made Part 2 of her film about the Berlin wall with dear old friend Tilda Swinton and Simon Fisher Turner doing soundtrack.


Simon played all afternoon at the first turtle at Chelsea Space!

Dearly missed Derek Jarman brought us all together...

And another message from metroscope:



MONDAY 1 February 2010

Thanks to Jeaan Charles Blanc, a big turtle in Paris, I can share this poem


by Iranian poet, HILA SEDIGHI, who reads beautifully her words...

Thank you JC and Hila!


SUNDAY 31 January 2010

Rodney Graham has a show opening at MACBA

and Bartomeu Marì is the new director there!

When I was still in London hospital Gina Birch (The Raincoats) took me to Rodney's opening as Lawrence Weiner was having an opening there the same night!

When director at WITTE DE WITH Morality in Rotterdam, Bartomeu brought me there to make HOME SCREEN HOME with John Baldessari, which we did at MACBA as well, and he later got me to write for the Spanish press about Robert Frank during his show at MACBA in 2005, just months before I collapsed. These are good memories (but for the collapse!) so I feel good.

Go Rodney and Gusti (B's name to me!)!!!

Good night! MHS

FRIDAY 29 January 2010


another metroscope from Paris!

and from Liza J Bear My Egyptian December


TUESDAY 26 January 2010

A new special turtle, Helen Frederick, whom I have yet met but thanks to Sue Wrbican, turtle who did the Silver Spring turtle. Helen is helping us the coming turtle here! And here is a turtle of hers...


Good night all and thank you VANS shoes!!! MHS

THURSDAY 21 January 2010

Dear turtle Michael Ward-Bergeman is made some videos now in Amazonas! Long way from his visit to first turtle with accordion!!! Enjoy!


WEDNESDAY 20 January 2010

Turtle Naomi Yang has a new site! Go Naomi! www.naomivision.com

And turtle Nathan Cash Davidson in his studio in Wimbeldon (photo by Jo Tovey Frost) - beautiful!!!


TUESDAY 19 January 2010

NASAs Kennedy Space Center and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission team up to rescue hundreds of green and loggerhead sea turtles from freezing temperatures.

Sea Turtle Rescue

MONDAY 18 January 2010

From Kanerva Cederström today in Helsinki at Noon...

I miss you Helsinki and must meet you Kanerva!


SUNDAY 17 January 2010

More from Paris MetroScope

and a CatWalk!

Hello Guillaume!


WEDNESDAY 13 January 2010

From dear friend Claire Pijman in Amsterdam whose film LATER WE CARE begins playing festivals and is a beautiful important work about her mother, whom I was lucky to know. Big kiss ! MHS

TUESDAY 12 January 2010

For my luck I share an old friend Raena with Jonathan at Griffith Observatory next to a time capsule.

Lots of love to you both! So BEAUTIFUL!!!


MONDAY 11 January 2010

From Fanny Howe today! Dear dear Fanny... kiss X MHS

FRIDAY 8 January 2010


FRIDAY 8 January 2010

Another turtle's greeting from Marie Maurel!

We turn not older with years, but newer every day.

Nous ne vieillissons pas d'une année sur l'autre, nous nous renouvelons chaque jour.

Emily Dickinson


Bonne Année 2010 á Tous !

TUESDAY 5 January 2010

From dear Kris



From Peter Davidson, whose apartment in London kept me alive and it is Lab partner David Racz who took me to the hospital and lives there now! LOVE BACK TO YOU GUYS!!!



SUNDAY 3 January 2010

A wonderful bit from turtle Gerard who was part of the first turtle at Chelsea Space with his film CARELESS REEF which Part 2 had the soundtrack of my head in hospital!!!

Careless Reef part 4

Best to you Gerard! And to all you turtles!!! MHS

Beste allemaal Yo! Veel plezier in het nieuwe jaar Yo!

Go with the flow

Gerard Holthuis

SUNDAY 3 January 2010

I must share this turtle gift, again from Inger - I miss you so much!

Hope you are finding the time, where I am, Michael

If I stand
alone in the snow
it is clear
that I am a clock

how else would eternity
find its way around

- Inger Christensen 1962

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