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WEDNESDAY 30 December 2009

I must add this news from Martina!

Happy New Year to all of you!

I threw some yak bones to look into the future, and it was revealed to me that 2010 will be a fantastic year!

I think we all can use that, as 2009 had its hurdles, but I also have to say, I ended it with a bang:

  • we got a grant from an anonymous donor
  • I finally have enough funding to create a regular system of support for the kids AND the foster parents
  • we are operating under the umbrella of FJC, www.fjc.org, our fiscal sponsor, which makes all donations tax deductible
  • I will go back to Mongolia in January and set up two more kids, one of them a girl

I wanted to thanks all of your for your ongoing support to help me and help the kids.

I am also exhibiting my photos of Mongolia and the kids at Ciao For Now, a local coffee shop in the East Village, January 14th to March 18th.

The opening reception will be January 14th, 8pm, I hope you can all come, so we can celebrate together!

Ciao For Now, 523 E 12th Street, btwn Ave A & B, p: (212) 677-2616 - Take the L-Train to First Avenue, head south on First, East on 12th Street.

Detailed info will be on the website eternalblueskyofmongolia and check out our new blog childrenofthebluesky

Thanks again. In my name and in the kid's name and everyone else who is participating.

And have a fantastic New Years Eve.

Best wishes, Martina

* * * * *

From Paris...


More soon!


TUESDAY 29 December 2009

From ex-student Alexei Kaleina at Bennington, who has made a poetic first feature with Craig Macneill, sends

Best wishes from Brooklyn to my friends on Christmas Night, Happy Holidays to all. Love, Alexei

Congrats and best wishes!


THURSDAY 24 December 2009

Xmas eve and I want to share a beautiful greeting from Kris Emmerson, a wonderful sculptor and special person who makes the web site for us here turtles. Thank you so much Kris and a BIG TURTLE HUG!

And from old friend Olaf Möller

TUESDAY 22 December 2009

From MANDANA in Paris is special to me...

Big kiss and hug Mandana! From turtle Martina Radwan whom we did turtle in The Tank earlier this year:

Hi everyone,

Hope you made it alright through the snow storm - unlike me, I got stuck in Cincinnati and decided to rather drive back, then being stuck. Patience has never been my forte.

I wanted to share some good news with you - Children of the Blue Sky is now a participant in the FJC Fiscal Sponsorship Program , a 501c nonprofit organization. As such, all donations made to Children of the Blue Sky, through FJC, are tax-deductible.

Please see all options on website: www.eternalblueskyofmongolia.org

And to share some more good news, in mid January, I will have a photo exhibit with the images taken in Mongolia, I will let you know the details at a later point.

I wish you all the best and thank you for your support in 2009, in my name and in the kids names. They know where their sheep and goats are coming from, I show them the updates and names of sponsors on the website, when ever I go to Mongolia.

Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year.

Best wishes, Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year.


And something I came across recently

Jeff Mangum, Portastatic, Yo La Tengo and more contribute to "Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox;" get it now!

Bye for now! Come for a café with me at my sister's at Xmas


SATURDAY 19 December 2009

THURSDAY 17 December 2009

Yesterday was my sister's birthday which was also our late father's birthday! She is feeling better and so am I.

Doing well and will be back in NY early in the new year!

Watch out NY!!!!!!


TUESDAY 8 December 2009

Ann Pibal told me this sad news.


Kiki of Jardins des Plantes in Paris has died at 146!!! Goodbye Kiki!
To Kiki the Lascivious Tortoise, Adieu


TUESDAY 8 December 2009

Stephen Watts shared this poem which I share with you - some great beauty! MHS


              MÁIRTÍN Ó DIREÁIN               

        MÁirtÍn, I walked to your home 
   From the ferry pier at Cill RÓnÁin : it 
Was a lovely five miles, though it took me 
Fifty years. But it was a beautiful walking, 
Wild garlic on your paths, cormorant seas, 
Honeysuckle, furling bracken, honey bees. 
I blew you a kiss when I got to your house 
Though you might not have wanted a kiss. 
The little stream shimmied down the shore. 
Below your barn bare limestone then more, 
Your stone path with tiny lilies going down. 
A rain cloud is gathered across the spine of 
Your island where the houses climb the hill 
Above Corrúch where I walked into silence 
And spoke with horses and lay down asleep 
In all of those fourteen thousand little fields 
Each with its waterbed and drift of flowers. 
It was quiet there. I heard silence swarming.  
And liquid arrows bubbled inside my eyes : 
Yellow and molten, red and violet and blue. 
Soon I will have to go, walking fast to reach 
The five o'clock ferry back to Ros an MhÍl. 
And then the bus to Galway and that banal, 
Savage bird, Shannon to Stansted. Not that 
I wanted to, MÁirtÍn : I'd rather stay here. 
I eased my body under an upturned coracle 
Its blue-tarred carcass, then the sky above.  
Now it's time to leave your house, I'll blow 
You one more kiss, although you might not 
Want my kiss : this is what I came here for, 
These words, the stone sleepers, language 
That matters, language that can say "yes". 
And the swell of real time against shores 
        of inhabited space. 

(SruthÁn, Árainn/Whitechapel  May 2003) 

* * *

And Shoko Maeda, a turtle from the beginning who designed the Chelsea Space site after turtle began there sent me a turtle who is out hunting! Thank you Shoko!!!

MONDAY 7 December 2009

Ros Murray, bass player for ELECTRELANE (which is no longer) sent me her CD LE PONT SUSPENDU by Ray Rumours and it has given me so much. There is French, THE TURTLE song and OCTOBER, an instrumental on the month I was born. Thank you so much Ros, and thanks for this blog Just got this from Paris

talllightsshortshadows Just got this from Paris


FRIDAY 4 December 2009

Isabelle of our VETIVER is coming to NY this weekend!

Just got this from Paris

Later... MHS

WEDNESDAY 2 December 2009

Kim Jensen has a reading at Roland Park library, my branch, on Saturday at 2pm from BREAD ALONE

Bread Alone

and wish I could go.

I saw her read at book weekend a few weeks ago and she gave me a copy and one poem brought an image in my p.s.. beirut I will use. It is beautiful and Etel Adnan wrote a blurb on it... hope people will go!


SUNDAY 29 November 2009

From Paris

Good morning folks!


WEDNESDAY 25 November 2009

Got this on Facebook and it is good!

Tobias Stretch directed this video music by Young Wiz

Young Wiz- The Dawn Of A New Era


* * *

Adriana Amari, who go me in to KKI, has her book available

Prayer for the Morning Headlines: On the Sanctity of Life and Death

Good luck, AA!


MONDAY 23 November 2009

SUNDAY 22 November 2009

* * *

His daughter, Anna Faroqhi, is a friend and filmmaker who had me part of a show in Berlin this year with p.s. beirut, chapter one. She spells her name different!

be well, Michael, who is home now and must get well.

This is the first UK exhibition of the two-screen and multi-screen works of revered German filmmaker Harun Farocki. The survey comprises nine video installations, from his first two-screen project Interface in 1995 to Immersion, 2009, about the use of virtual reality in the treatment of traumatised US soldiers following the occupation of Iraq.

Since the sixties, Farocki (born in 1944, living in Berlin) has reinvented what can be described as the film essay. Beginning as an argument (often about the effects on the individual of capitalism, consumerism, technology or war) his films digress associatively and poetically, becoming open-ended rather than polemical. Farocki's films also reflect on the way in which our culture constructs photographic and moving images, and the uses to which these images are put.

In the mid-nineties, Farocki began making films for two, and occasionally more, screens. Above all, this enabled him to use images to comment on images. These films address the critical engagement of viewers at large in an art gallery.

Exhibition curated by Alex Sainsbury

This project is linked to 'Harun Farocki. 22 Films 1968-2009', a season of single-screen films and events at Tate Modern, 13 November-6 December, curated by Stuart Comer, Antje Ehmann and the Otolith Group. Tate Modern

A monograph Harun Farocki. Against What? Against Whom? has been commissioned by Raven Row. It is edited by Kodwo Eshun of the Otolith Group and Antje Ehmann, published by Koenig Books, and will be launched during the course of the exhibition.

'Harun Farocki', Museum Ludwig, Cologne, 31.10.09-07.03.10 In this overview of the work of Harun Farocki, Museum Ludwig continues its series highlighting important filmmakers whose work straddles both the exhibition space and the cinema.Museum Ludwig

FRIDAY 20 November 2009

Adriana Amari, who did do the first turtle here and took me to KKI part of Johns Hopkins. I am so lucky by her!

She says this place could be for turtle, and her piano is finally in tune so we can do a turtle at her home, yea!!!


THURSDAY 19 November 2009

The Cove

* * *

Denmark is a big shame

The sea is stained in red and in the mean while it 's not because of the climate effects of nature.

It's because of the cruelty that the human beings (civilised human) kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins.

This happens every year in Feroe iland in Denmark. In this slaughter the main participants are young teens. WHY? To show that they are adults and mature... BULLLLsh

In this big celebration, nothing is missing for the fun. Everyone is participating in one way or the other, killing or looking at the cruelty "supporting like a spectator"

Is it necessary to mention that the dolphin calderon, like all the other species of dolphins, it 's near instinction and they get near men to play and interact. In a way of PURE friendship

They don 't die instantly; they are cut 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hocks. And at that time the dolphins produce a grim extremely compatible with the cry of a new born child.

But he suffers and there 's no compassion till this sweet being slowly dies in its own blood

Its enough! We will send this mail until this email arrives in any association defending the animals, we won 't only read. That would make us accomplices, viewers.

Take care of the world, it is your home!

WEDNESDAY 18 November 2009

Still in hospital...


Auswahl 09

* * *

Freitag 20. November : Friday November 20th : 2009
Aperitiv um 20.30 uhr : Aperitiv at 8.30pm

Bistro : Falling Leaves

Wo nun gelbe Blätter die Straßen fluten und der Sommer kaum mehr als ein weit entfernter Traum, können wir endlich die wundersamen Juwelen genießen, die zwar in ihrer Jugend von der Sonne geküsst wurden aber ausreichend Geduld und weise Voraussicht besaßen, erst im finsteren November unsere Teller (und Geschmacksnerven) zu treffen. Wie immer fährt Bistro regionale, saisonale und biologische Zutaten, 3 Köche und 5 Kellner auf, um die glücklichen Bäuche von 30 Gästen zu füllen.

Die Mindestspende beträgt 18 Euro inklusive leichter Unterhaltung. Der Gewinn geht komplett an unser Studio.

Wir bieten auf Anfrage auch gerne eine fleischlose Alternative. Bitte bei der Reservierung angeben.

Wir bitten bis zum Ende des Essens nur in unserem Raucherraum zu rauchen.

Reservierungen unter bistro@basso-berlin.de. Und eine ganz große Bitte: falls ihr doch absagen müsst, bitte vor Donnerstag Mittag, damit die Wartenden nachrücken können.

As the leaves flood the streets and summer becomes a distant memory, we get to enjoy the wondrous jewels which began their life in the sunshine but had the patience and forethought to grace our plates and palates in the gloom of November. As usual the Bistro is using local, seasonal and organic ingredients to warm the lucky stomachs of 30 guests who will be served by 3 chefs and 5 charming waiters.

The minimum donation is 18 euros including light entertainment and all profits go towards our studio.

We offer a vegetarian alternative on request, plese specify on reservation.

We ask you to smoke only in the smokers lounge until dinner is over.

Booking at bistro@basso-berlin.de is essential and cancellations inadvisable, however if you really can't make it please contact us at the latest by Thursday so that those on the waiting list can be advised.

hot apple cider with grasovka vodka
fennel and orange salad
beetroot soup with meatballs
baked buckwheat pasta (pizzoccheri) with pumpkin, cabbage and chestnuts
quinces in white wine with bayleaf crème anglaise

* * *

* * *

from Oliver WILSON

La Hora Tunante - Lo-Fi Nu Jazz

jazz that I do not like I like!

MONDAY 16 November 2009

Hello from the hospital with Caroline and Emily! I am trying to get better and eating well!

Here is news from The Tank


SUNDAY 15 November 2009

Hello from hospital in Johns Hopkins

Disturbing The Universe

Eternal Blue Sky of Mongolia.

I hope I can write soon.

Be well, Michael

FRIDAY 13 November 2009

hello from hospital is 13 November 2009

Guillaume performing his DreamDance on Second Life

I hope to get better!! MXXX

FRIDAY 6 November 2009

Invisible Soldier - Sarge Lintecum 1995

You can tell her by the twinkle in her eye,
At parades when the flag marches by.
She served our country and she served it very well.
Some have even served a tour or two in Hell.

She suffered hardship and never ceased to care.
It gave us strength just to know that she was there.
She was a leader, you could tell by the rank she wore,
But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

She can march, she can fly, and she can sail.
She proved that bravery isn't exclusive of the male.
She did every job she was asked and more,
But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

Now, it is finally time to right a wrong.
Honor our sister soldier; hear her song.
It's very clear that she's a patriot to the core.
Don't let her be the invisible soldier any more

from Paris

and Chat-alors-un-pop-lab-Guillaume-en


SUNDAY 1 November 2009

Greetings from New York City!

Feels good to be here. Went to Hasaki for my birthday dinner last night. YUM!

Wynn Dan is back from Paris. Is a bit sick so did not meet up. WD World

This morn will go to Uniqlo, eat at Hampton Chutney and to Muji this afternoon... I need a new diary for next year!

More soon... MHS

WEDNESDAY 28 October 2009

Yesterday was my birthday. The podiatrist was a good one and I am hopeful my feet will be better soon so that was my best present!

Malin Ståhl has something new

and her site is www.malinstahl.se

Last week met with Susanna Thornton who came to the Robert Frank screenings and the last turtle. www.susannathornton.com


THURSDAY 22 October 2009

Vincent Moon has something to share Kazuki Tomokawa

and Oliver Sieber is in a show KARAOKE

no more time now but soon!


SUNDAY 18 October 2009

Pain in feet is overcoming me! As Plantar Fasciitis subsides in the right my metatarsal is hurting in the left. This is too much! I must walk if not run!

Will swim this morn as I can and hope to find help tomorrow...

I have so many exercises to do not only for my feet but my voice (with tongue and more) and my back that it never ends... but must and will. I will survive and thrive again!!!

Back from swimming and did not do well. 18 laps when 24 is the norm. Can't get my feet to touch in the breast stroke or when frogging with the board and that has been for a while. Forget my left leg freestyle which I always end with one lap after using a float between my legs.

Now you are learning a lot about me! Not a pretty picture but still trying. Heather, my speech therapist, has new tricks up her sleeves and the PT as well. Go to the optometrist this week for new prescriptions long overdue.

I began a new edit with my main hard drive but need more time on it! Will get there.

Don't know what else to share, really, so good night!


SATURDAY 17 October 2009

Piper Mavis has a new video in 5 YEARS!
Five Years

and Sue Wrbican found a friend in Florida

I wear a pair of PACT boxers to help the turtles!


If you get them know the boxers are small so get a size up! Tell them a turtle sent you!!!

Lawrence Weiner made this hour note prototype

For people interested in film go to Ted Hope's blog at
truly free film

Must go pick up a friend at the train now. More later!


FRIDAY 16 October 2009

Vincent Moon from the Danish scene:

Temporary Copenhagen

Temporary Areas

Of course I think of Inger Christensen....

And PART FOUR to Gerard Holthuis' CARELESS REEF which PART TWO has the soundtrack in my head in hospital when I went in over 4 years ago now! Parts 1-3 were part of the first turtle at Chelsea Space, thanks to Gerard!



Long week beginning with giving blood all day at KKI and an appointment each day. Happy the weekend is here. Too tired to write but soon... MHS

FRIDAY 9 October 2009

Well there were 7 people at turtle yesterday and all true turtles! So it went well, thank you Sue Wrbican and Richard Vosseller. From the show's installation:


The SCREAMERS and more....

In London on the 17 and 18 October Etel Adnan is part of a poetry marathon at the Serpentine Gallery Poetry Marathon

Wish I could be there!

I am still recovering from the ride down and back but it was worth it...

Good night, MHS

THURSDAY 8 October 2009

Another turtle today!

Meanwhile, old friend and comrade, Ted Hope, shares this for the future of film:

It's a really exciting time for indie film. Things are changing. Things are happening. People are taking action. I have been hearing lots of new plans for new start ups based on some really good ideas. I believe new leaders are emerging. This world won't look like this much longer. But for the time being, it still does. And what is that you ask? Well I think these articles together sum it up quite nicely. Please forgive me for including one of mine, but I think it covers a lot of key points, so hey.

The New Rules Of News - Dan Gillmor The Guardian
recommendations on how to make journalism work again, several which can apply to indie film.

We All Have To Organize To Have The Culture We Really Want Woodstock Trailblazer Award Acceptance Speech - me
because there are some clear steps we can all take right now

In a Social Networking World, What's The Future Of TV? - Henry Jenkins
What's the Future of TV?
how transmedia is already changing your life and viewing habits.

DIY With A Little Help: OpenIndie Hopes to Bring Theaters within Filmmakers Reach
DIY With a Little Help
This is a wonderful idea that we need to bring into being. You can support it as I did by going to:
OpenIndie: 100 pioneering filmmakers embrace modern cinema

Engaging Online Video Viewers -emarketer
Engaging Online Video Viewers
thoughts on what kind of advertising works best online

An Update On the State Of Indie Film Online - CinemaTech
An Update on the State of Indie Film Online
on why no online site has emerged to serve up indie film

Who Is Zoe Keating & Why Should Independent Filmmakers Care? - Thompson On Hollywood
Who is Zoe Keating and Why Should Indie Filmmakers Care?
on a musician who has made digi distribution work for herself

Studios hurt as DVD sales fall and rentals grow - MarketWatch
Studios feel pinch of slowing DVD sales, rise in rentals
the title says it all, and ""They don't want to follow the music business, but in a way they're making the same mistake the music companies made -- they're fighting the convenience,"

Forgot to mention the book festival in Baltimore 2 weeks ago. Kim Jensen read from BREAD ALONE (Syracuse Press) and on the cover

Etel Adnan says, "This powerful work reproduces the shock of the people lead in silence, in darkness. These poems can wake up a rock."

She is right! Was good to see Kim and hear her read a bit as I could not stay long. I thank you for your poetry, Kim, and your gracious gift of a book!

Will have to write about NY soon!


MONDAY 5 October 2009


Yes, I made it! Saw Laura Israel's WINDFALL which she is finishing. It is a riveting and beautiful documentary about wind power focusing on a small upstate town. I learned so much and have another view on this! I hope we can make it a turtle soon!

Also Ilhaam met me on Saturday and helped me food shop. Today I saw a practitioner of hers who worked on my energy fields. Very interesting. Have to digest while it still works within me.

Will see Ilhaam tomorrow and Christine Courtin as well! before heading for the train back to Baltimore to prepare for MONTGOMERY COLLEGE on Thursday! Have a copy of FLAMINGO thanks to Laura and to Robert Frank who so generously lets we play it.

Now it is time to prepare for bed. Just got back from our local Korean. Delicious but was hard for me to eat and chew. But will get better.

Turtle Maya Ramsay in London has a show coming at The London Group Open Exhibition! and this review of her work. I remember her coming to Düsseldorf to show and did a presentation of her work. Was so kind of her. Maya Ramsay, MA Fine Art

Good night!

THURSDAY 1 October 2009

The Raincoats are coming! To America again... just played London to a wonderful review
raincoats review

Gina and Ana and Shirley are friends, Gina being a most special buddy!!! Was four years ago this Saturday I went to a special birthday for Gina and spent time with old friend Simon Fisher Turner. It was a big deal for me to be out being fresh out of hospital!

Not long before that Gina took me to an art opening of Lawrence Weiner, my dear friend, and Rodney Graham, whom I knew through Gina. I was coming back to life!

So where am I now? Still living, still recovering...

Turtle Michael Ward-Bergemen shares this
Candy from Strangers

Michael is preparing a turtle with me for next year so watch out! His hyper-accordion is amazing and I met Michael through Osvaldo Golijov and, through Michael, met Christina Courtin! And Dawn Upshaw who introduced me to my voice coach Joan Lader whom I haven't seen in over 6 months, damn!!

More soon! MHS

MONDAY 28 September 2009

Am going to NY this weekend! Must thank KURU shoes again as I could not have planned it without them. Am waiting for my second pair, some slip ons, since I have to rest a few times a day and tying the shoes is easy but this will be easier!!!

Sorry, but going back to NY means so much to me.

Here are turtle in Berlin Phillip Wiegard's sculptures for Meadham Kirchloff's show in London recently

Cannot say more for the moment.


FRIDAY 25 September 2009

Thinking of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor and Magouche Fielding, his friend whom I have met in London, I found this article


and am most happy to find he was able to travel to his home in the Peloponnese last year, a place I planned to visit and never made.

If you have not read A TIME OF GIFTS and A TIME TO KEEP SILENCE you are missing something special.

It is his home he designed and built with his late wife (and wrote of in a book of short pieces) that I hope to see one day. Travelers are we!


WEDNESDAY 23 September 2009

Well soon there will be an announcement for a turtle as part of the

Floating Lab Collective

Res Publica des Usonia: Space as Essay

September 18-October 19, 2009
Reception: Friday, September 25, 2009, 5-8 p.m.
King Street GalleryBR> The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Arts Center
Montgomery College
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Gallery Hours
Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
The art gallery is on the ground floor of The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Arts Center on the west side of the Takoma Park/ Silver Spring Campus off Georgia Avenue (930 King Street). Park in the East Campus Parking Garage on Fenton Street and take the pedestrian bridge and path to the arts center.
For information about the arts at Montgomery College, visit
montgomery college or call 240-567-1368.

MONDAY 21 September 2009

Dima and Ilhaam!!! Was a wonderful visit...

Ilhaam looks wonderful and grew an inch by straightening herself! I never met her friend Dima before but he was delightful. Hope they return soon!

It was a moment to think of David Pears again... and to learn that Anne Pears is giving parties in Oxford and NY for him this fall so I can make NY!!!

Today to the cardiologist. My heart beats slowly at times - don't know why but maybe the doctor will?!

Good swim yesterday though my left leg is no good and swimming the crawl. I do only one lap of that without a float between my legs. The breast stroke is improving! Don't know why I am sharing this with you but...

Must rest now. MHS

SATURDAY 18 September 2009

Well, Ilhaam is on her way and I am ready to greet her!

From Switzerland, my friend Joseph Gomes, another butterfly, this a Peacock from his garden

Joseph is a wonder at at baking and a good soul who took my up the mountain when I was there in the Clinic. And this is Sophie, Joseph's daughter, on her 12th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE !

And here is a pic of Iggy Pop at via Eliswaeta at a recent concertat the Ruhr Triennale!!!

I remember meeting Iggy at Hasaki in NY. Long time ago.....

From Paris an update

More soon! MHS

TUESDAY 15 September 2009

Today I heard from Tarquin at Recorded Pictures whom I wrote about Hercules Bellville. So good to be back in touch and more fond thoughts. And Ilhaam Isaacs, the friend I know from David Pears with whom she studied, is coming to visit me on Saturday so more fond thoughts on another passing soul.

Melody sent me this about her show and you can see a few pieces that were there

melody owen shorts

Jan is leaving at the end of October so she has to fix me by then! Her husband got a jon in Minnesota!

Here I am on Sue Wrbican's roof last weekend...

Time for dinner!


another from Paris!

SUNDAY 13 September 2009

from Paris subway WHO NEEDS HOLLYWOOD?


Always good humor coming from there!

So I am doing some editing, getting lost as I can... Hope Melody had a good show today. Have just got in touch with Melanie Reynard in London who worked at Recorded Pictures with Hercules for a long time. She is doing well gardening! Melanie a most special person who always took care of me! Nice to think of Hercules today.

My sister and I are taking Nancy Van Meter out to dinner to thank her for her help here making it possible for my sister and her husband to celebrate their 40th anniversary in Ireland and more time in Vermont. Nancy set me straight (as straight as I can be at this point.... )

Getting tired now so more soon, good night! MHS

SATURDAY 12 September 2009

Wonderful sessions with physical therapist Jan then reflexology with Kristen yesterday.

A couple more screenings of Melody's program tonight and tomorrow. www.pica.org/festival_detail

and you can enjoy this sent by Christine Hahn, an old friend I have discovered is near me and I will see soon!

No Wave Arte Part5

Well, it seems I am still doing a lot for myself and nothing for others, and I have to do something for Carol and Bobby's anniversary!!!

Have to return to my shoes KURU as it is a Finnish town and Finland has been so good to me. It is where I showed SOUVENIR and my music videos and have kept friends there. In Paris I made new Finnish friends and I programmed Kanerva Cederström's wonderful STRANGE EVENTS at the Maine Film Festiva this summer. I was put in touch with Kanerva by Päiva Takala a wonderful composer I met in Helsinki and did the sound to Strange Events.

So that was an indication to take a chance and I am so happy I did. Jan, my physical therapist, just ordered a pair for her husband and one for herself!

Kanerva is traveling here now on the west coast and I should hear from her soon and she may visit so we can finally meet!

Guler Ates is part of this show Indian Summer: 12/09/2009 Met Guler in Paris and her site is GULER ATES

Today met with Sue Wrbican about a turtle we will do the first week of October in Silver Springs, MD. Will let you know.

Must rest now so more soon, MHS

THURSDAY 10 September 2009

I am back! The pool at the Y as reopen and back on fall schedule, finally.

Also I have discovered KURU shoes: kurufootwear Via the Mayo Clinic, researching my plantar fasciitis, it lead me to KURU and for the first time I purchased a pair of shoes on line and they are wonderful. I have flat and narrow feet so it was a risk but from what I read and saw I had to try. And though I cannot wear shoes with arches these feel good and I know they are good for me. I cannot wear my VANS right now as they are not as comfortable. I do hope I can again one day but as long as there is KURU I will be fine! Thank you KURU!!! I have shown my physical therapist who thinks I am walking much better in them, and a friend, Kim, whom I discovered suffers from the same for years and has suggested prolotherapy which I will look in to now!

Geert Mul and I made HOME SCREEN HOME in his Rotterdam studio in 1998 and I am happy to share his latest work


For further on Geert's work see GEERT MUL

I have things I need to do like go to the library and prepare for my sister's return today! But I will be back, and walking better!


THURSDAY 3 September 2009

Hello there! Now that Kris is back from vacation I may write again. From Baltimore am still fighting with my body. Waiting for more tests with new ideas of what is going on in me. Meanwhile I have Plantar Fasciitis which is pain in the heel going on for over 2 months now, keeping me from traveling to NY or anywhere. So I have been here all summer with periods in hospital. I do not need surgery as I got my third and final cortisone shot this week and I will work hard on my exercises and with my physical therapist, Jan. Wish me well. Am beginning to prepare for the THE TURTLE AND THE BUTTERFLY show in NY for next year after having had to cancel it this month. So we will see. Also began to look at my footage for p.s. beirut, chapter two (?).

Turtle Richard Healy has a new piece up at Cafe Gallery, London, in the show NOW YOU SEE IT


Melody Owen is about to present her CIRCLES AND SPINNING WHEELS in Portland which includes my p.s. beirut, chapter one www.pica.org Hoping it is a success - thank you, Mel!!!

OK, now to rest. More soon I hope! MHS

WEDNESDAY 19 August 2009

Hallo everyone,

I wanted to update everyone about new developments.
I apologize that I am not in the hang of it yet, hopefully in the near future you all will get automatic updated.

Baaska is starting his second, and last year of school and training as excavator driver in September. He is very excited about the future. Through Byambaa he discovered having a vision, a dream and a plan, so he is also thinking about owning a business. Byambaa bought two windmills to produce power, so the farm is expanding and advancing. From what I can tell from the picture they send me, Baaska grew up to become a young man, he no longer is a boy. It makes me happy, and of course a bit sad, because I missed the transition. I would have loved to spend a bit more time with him being a playful boy, on the discovery path.

Nasa is doing very well. Everyone seems to be happy with her development. I heard that she got a bit lonely, because she has no other children in her family, but overall she is developing fine and continuing her education. Her herd grew quiet substantially. I don't have exact numbers yet, but I do know that Baaska's herd of 4 sheep grew to 6, so I assume it will be similar for Nasa, who started out with 4 sheep and 6 goats in January.

Davaasuren did not move in with his new family yet, he is still in Ayurzana's center. He had an emotional melt down, which manifested itself as a skin disease, but he is excited to move soon and the family can't wait to receive him. He went through a lot, and I am almost glad he found a way of expressing it. Ayurzana became officially Davaasuren's guardian, as the mother is afraid she can not take care of him anymore. Unfortunately her illness is progressing.

Aigul failed school. None knows what happened, she simply stopped attending, without telling anyone. I hope I can get some more information on her. Even so we didn't support her financially yet, I feel a bit responsible, as I discussed possibilities with her, that were impossible to achieve.

I am going back at the end of August, for 2 weeks. Hopefully I can oversee Davaasuren's move, Baaska and Nasa's start of the new school year and figure out what happened to Aigul. Hopefully we will also manage to set up another kid. And lets see how the increased herds are developing!

Thank you all for supporting me and the ongoing auction.
Soon I will organize an umbrella organization for us, so that donations will be tax deductible, and we'll have a better chance of growing.
If some one knows how to extend the hours within a day, please let me know!!!
And spread the word! Dream of sheep, instead of counting them to fall asleep!

All the best to you and thanks a million.


FRIDAY 14 August 2009

Here is a photo of Michael Ward-Bergeman with Hermeto, the buttefly, taken by Osvaldo Golijov

I go to speech therapist Heather today who will be surprised by my setback. She knows I've been having a hard time.

Just got back from dinner out! That after a day with the Heather in afternoon and a rest at Nancy's, and went to my physical therapist place to ride the bike there then got coffee this morn!!! More soon...


MONDAY 10 August 2009

So it is another day.

from Elisaweta in Düsseldorf is


and from Sarejevo


from Martina Radwan

Astra Taylor and Jeff Magnum, a filmmaker and musician couple, have organized an exciting art auction, with the intention that all the proceeds going to Children of the Blue Sky, my organization, to help 2 more children.

Please check it out: nome.king Auction

Astra and Jeff donated their work and encouraged others to do the same, so there is a very interesting mix of music, films and related paraphernalia. Some of the artist who donated their work are

Neutral Milk Hotel | Magnetic Fields | The Apples in Stereo | Jem Cohen | The Raincoats | Silver Mt Zion | Tom Kalin | Rainn Wilson | Jenny Livingston | Pola Rappaport | Thomas Allan Harris | Katja Esson | the Kunstler Sisters | Michael Shamberg/New Order and some more.

We have vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, posters, and jewelry, all items are autographed.

This is only the first installment, every Thursday, for the next two weeks, more items will be auctioned. The auction will end on August 30th.

Please take a look and spread the word. Every dollar you spend will be transformed into goats, sheep and happiness!

Enjoy the auction!

Thanks so much for your support in advance. And come back to the website for more updates!

Best wishes, Martina

Well, I don't know what is next for me. Waiting to hear from doctor...MHS

from Sue Wrbican in Hawaii years back....

TUESDAY 4 August 2009

Dear all, I have not been well. back in hospital and they are exploring new avenues in my diagonosis.

So I will write when I can and, believe me, I will be back!


SUNDAY 5 July 2009

This last Wednesday dear friend David Pears died.


David's wife Anne visited me in hospital in London with wonderful flowers and photos. When I can I will tell the story of how I met Anne in the Prince Street post office in Manhattan, many years ago, and our friendship began.
After hospital, I would visit them in Oxford, as I could.
One time was after David had a stroke.
I am luck to have known David. I cannot put in to words all I want to see but good bye good friend! Anne, let's see each other soon. Be strong. Love,


WEDNESDAY 1 July 2009

SUNDAY 27 June 2009

from metrostalker


Kittens to the Rescue

and for those who missed the previous post of turtleblanc

Thai turtle nursery


THURSDAY 25 June 2009

Brûlez les musées, prenez le métro.

WEDNESDAY 24 June 2009

Wonder of news from turtle stalker

Turtle baby born in a Thai turtle nursery

From Kanerva Cederström in Finland

From Paris Rehearsing the end of the world and iht.greenpeace.org

From NY Rwandans Judging Genocide, Their Way

From turtle Maya in London her new site www.mayaramsay.com

From turtle Sue Wrbican in Baltimore

To scream:
Scream at the Economy

To party:
Close Encounters 2 in NYC

June 25th will mark the opening of Provisions' second Close Encounters exhibit, this time in NYC at the Nathan Cummings Foundation. Featuring 14 artists with distinct acts of social imagination, the premiere performance of Floating Lab Collective's Screamer and musical guests the Tom Gardner Trio. Opening night is sure to be a celebration. To RSVP to the reception, June 25th from 6-8 pm, email provisionslibrary@gmail.com. If you can't make it that night, be sure to call 646-485-1284 and make an appointment to stop by the exhibit until August 28th.

(attached is image of Daniel Dean wearing the Screamer in DC)

Photo by Shannon McCarty for more info: Floating Lab Collective

From Melody Owen in Portland where p.s. beirut will proudly play:


Christina Courtin's CD out this week!


Turkish Coffee and Blancmange at Osman's Café in Nunhead on Saturday 27 June open from 11am to 4pm

TUESDAY 16 June 2009

MUST READ THIS Martina Radwan (ALIENS AMONG US) has launched her web site.



FRIDAY 12 June 2009

Part turtle: Brainy Echidna Proves Looks Aren't Everything

Watched Michael Powell's THE EDGE OF THE WORLD for the first time. His first film. So beautiful. Have read that Michael shot a color prolog and epilog later which can be found from Milestone Film and Video.

Heard the screening of the restored THE RED SHOES was a big success in Cannes! Scorcese is now working on COLONEL BLIMP.

Must read VERTICAL POEMS by Roberto Juarroz

And I am reading THE FAT MAN AND INFINITY by Antonio Lobo Antunes and loving his life sketches.

SATURDAY 6 June 2009

John Baldessari awarded the Goldern Lion at the Venice Biennale for lifetime achievement. Kudos to turtle John!

John's work for turtle as it began at Chelsea Space LEARN TO THINK still resonates my carapace!

I want to note Sonia Kretz's website: www.sonjakretz.ch

Last night I read that Walt Whitman's house in Camden, N.J., the first he ever owned and last he lived in, was on Mickel Street. Gave more to my memory of going to Camden on Walt Whitman day when I was in art school to hear Allen Ginsberg read and Arthur Russell was playing acoustic guitar. I would later meet and work with Arthur and have been listening to his collection LOVE IS OVERTAKING ME which you must listen to. I miss Arthur but his music lives thanks to Steve Knutson and his Audika Records www.audikarecords.com and to Matt Wolf's wonderful film portrait of Arthur in WILD COMBINATION which you can find on DVD.

Last night I watched Bergman's WILD STRAWBERRIES and this psalm by Johan Olaf Wallin in it I would like share:

"Where is the friend I seek at break of day? When night falls I still have not found Him. My burning heat shows me His traces I see His traces whenever flowers bloom His love is mingled with every air." MHS

TUESDAY 2 June 2009

New work from Erin Tappe in Hobart

type and divergence

From Ana Corbero in Beirut

the jews of lebanon project

At the pool today I saw a man with a book of short stories by Stephen Dixon. I asked 'is Dixon the guy who wrote FROG?' and he said yes, and that he was Stephen Dixon! Indeed he was. I said I was a turtle and he said the character frog turns out to be a turtle called frog!

That's my turtle for today! To the nutritionist tomorrow... MHS

THURSDAY 28 May 2009

breaking news from paris

THURSDAY 28 May 2009

Bread & Puppet Theater in Baltimore tonight at same place we did turtle last year. www.redemmas.org Have another turtle in the works with Red Emmas around Martina Radwan's ALIENS AMONG US - stay tuned.

p.s. beirut, chapter one will be part of an exhibition in Berlin opening 2 June at Artneuland Gallery 'Sea-faring route. berlin. tel aviv. beirut' www.artneuland.com

TURTLE BYPASS some local news State sends in the goats to save Carroll turtles

Began CDP Choline today, a supplement for the brain recognized in Europe and Japan and recommended by my neurologist here.

with love from me, MHS

TUESDAY 26 May 2009

"I feel that I haven't settled anywhere, really, that I'm rather living the world, all over, in railway stations, cafes, airports... the books that I'm writing are houses that I build for myself"

This I copied from one of Etel Adnan's works, perhaps her latest SEASONS, where she ends:

"Are we a dream, a nightmare, a fulfillment? The desire for permanence has given way to the eminence of the ephemeral. That's why air drafts, dance, cinema or fire are privileged; they disappear as they come. To be is a process that we're searching for while it's already here. We are the looking, the heat, and the voyage"


SUNDAY 24 May 2009

Robert Frank's film TRUE STORY won first prize at Oberhausen short film festival. Kudos to you, Robert!


On Thursday I had surgery in my throat to close a gap where my soft palate did not reach the back wall of my throat. Dr. Boahene did the procedure in with my speech therapist Heather Starmer and friend Nancy Van Meter watching live on video while I watched the replay. My leak is no longer and I am discovering results such as breathing easier when swimming the breastroke. Read about Dr. Boahene here:


Last night the wonderful Kristin Ostling played a violoncello recital at An die Musik Live! Where Christina Courtin played a turtle last year. Kristin played Bach's Suite No. 1 in G major followed by a premiere of Blues Suite for Violoncello Solo by Larry Hoffman. It was daring and made dialog to rediscover Bach while discovering a new work. I could not stay for the Brahms following intermission and, in fact, it was best to leave with those works playing in to my sleep.


THURSDAY 21 May 2009

From my friends Ruth and Xavier, Winter Family:

Jerusalem Syndrome (duration : 1:07 hrs), a sound piece we did for Radio France Culture will be broadcasted on sunday 24th may at 10:10 pm : France Culture Radio live and available here to listen and download for the week that follows.

on a crée une pièce sonore dans le cadre des Ateliers de Création Radiophoniques de France Culture : Jerusalem Syndrome (durée : 1H07)
Elle sera diffusée sur les ondes de France Culture le dimanche 24 mai à 22H10 : Radio France Culture en direct et disponible ici pour écouter et télécharger durant la semaine suivant la diffusion.

ruth & xavier


WEDNESDAY 20 May 2009

Sitting in the Evergreen café about to tackle notes on Kim Shelton's taping of Etel Adnan in Sausalito while I was projecting p.s. beirut, chapter one in the show for Robert Frank in D.C.

I return to the weekend of the Maryland Film Festival. Sunday morning I had coffee with old friend Kathryn Bigelow whose film THE HURT LOCKER was closing the festival that night. Mark Boal, who wrote the screenplay based on his experience as a journalist in Iraq was with her and it was wonderful to meet Mark and to catch up with Kathryn. I've yet to see the film as evenings are still hard for me but I've only had wonderful reports. Kathryn looked radiant and I was happy we had some time. I will see a press screening when the film is released in July.

That afternoon I did manage to see Agnes Varda's THE BEACHES OF AGNES which was a poetic look over her life, mostly in film, and of course Chris Marker was there on a motorcycle fully covered head to toe, then Guillaume en Egypte stepped in.

The week is a blur but involved 4 doctor appointments. On Friday, Ned Richardson arrived for his aunt's memorial on Saturday. We had a good weekend together and, sadly, Kipling, one of my sister's dogs, died from the cancer he was bravely living with for the past few months. Kip is the one on the left, Huxley always by his side, painted by my friend Nancy Van Meter last year.

I miss you dear Kip and will carry you in my dreams.

I mentioned before that my physical therapist was a turtle and I have since learned that she and her sister once cared for injured sea turtles in Hawaii!

Time to rest. Big day tomorrow so stay tuned! MHS

SUNDAY 10 May 2009

Rona Chang speaks! conversation with rona chang

I forgot to tell you about the screenings for Robert Frank. First I want to thank Sue Wrbican, an artist and friend here in Baltimore, for hosting Martina Radwan Friday night and for elucidating on the framing in the films for Robert Frank.

The films moved from super wide scope 16mm to 4:3 video to 1.66 35mm and 1.33 35 mm to a small frame within the screen that, upon reflection, were musical notations of a kind. Frame is so important to me and I love the academy 1.33 which is close to the old video 4:3 (which my p.s. beirut plays in) but all of these frames were magical and integral to the work. When I proposed the running order I had in mind the needs of the projectionist to move between formats. I chose each film for the work and to try and give a dialogue between them, folding back and revealing, the frames intuitive.

The projection was inspiring with the image and sound never better and the transitions sublime, quiet beats. Best was when last video RUN, the clip for New Order, began without sound and the projectionist, Jeannie, played it again. This work is little seen and so special it deserved a second projection. As I learned from Robert a mistake in the final work gives it life. Jeannie gave this program life - kudos to Jeannie!

One sad note was that we were unable to play Paula Gaitán's MONSANTO due to a technical problem between the tape and the player.

More about this weekend when I can. MHS

SATURDAY 9 May 2009

I made it to NY and back. Turtle was sublime, a magic box. When I stood on stage looking in to the darkness I had a long pause, then I shared the darkness I was now climbing out of. Turtle gives me strength and the light came ever closer.

I spoke of Hercules Bellville and how our friend, Jonathan Demme who introduced us was over at the French Institute this evening presenting his film THE AGRONOMIST.

Martina's film ALIENS AMONG US played beautifully and engaged the audience in a Q & A after (I was outside eating so I only felt the intensity). Then the concert of Eric's music was an intimate celebration. I saw some old friends there including Ola Manana, a painter who came to London for the first turtle (you can see her painting for turtle on the Chelsea Space site); Teresa Eggers whom I met in Paris and videotaped one day which I set to music by The Notwist; and the surprise was Vicki Hamilton, a friend I know from David Pears, a philosopher from Oxford, who is a dear friend as is his wife, Anne, who has shown her photographs in turtle. Vicki knew Hercules Bellville from the swingins 60's of London but had not heard that he had died.

I walked home crying turtle tears in the rain. First I found myself walking with Sohee Kim, a young student who was taking tickets at The Tank's door. I walked her to the subway and passed her the turtle web site. Sohee wrote and reminded me of a wonderful story:

"A well-known scientist (some say it was Bertrand Russell) once gave a public lecture on astronomy. He described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. At the end of the lecture, a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said: "What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise." The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, "What is the tortoise standing on?" "You're very clever, young man, very clever," said the old lady. "But it's turtles all the way down!"

Thank you, Sohee! You are a true turtle!

On Wednesday, after my morning swim, I was planning to visit Marie Losier at the French Institute for a coffee before taking an afternoon train. But then I heard from France Nerlich, a friend who just arrived from Paris and could not make it to Turtle in The Tank and she was walking up from Christopher Street. It was so special to see France as it had been since my residency in Paris in late 2007. Even more special was she was carrying a gift from Chris Marker which is a small ceramic turtle with 3 holes on its back looking like smokestacks! France thought it an inkwell, but it could be for flowers or incense or... it represents turtle to be so many things and not easy to define. It sits by me as I write.

Martina helped me to the train with a stop for macaroons from a small French café on route. Yesterday I picked up Martina at the bus here in Baltimore for the Maryland Film Festival where she showed ALIENS last night. I will meet her soon for a coffee and take her to her next screening then she will leave for NY, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka... and Mongolia, if she can.

I met another turtle yesterday: Jan Miyamoto, a physical therapist who will help me with my back problems.

It feels good to share again and I hope to post some pictures soon. Be well,


SUNDAY 3 May 2009

From Paris:

I am off to NY tomorrow for Turtle on Tuesday! Hope to see some of you there.


SUNDAY 26 April 2009

Forgot about this video! Giusy Vittorini made it when I met her as a student at a London film school. She just helped Ben Hopkins make a documentary in Naples, her home town and I am delighted to see this video and wonder if New Order ever saw it? New Order - Turn (Napoli)

Melody Owens will be reading readingfrenzy.com

more soon... still recovering from the screening for Robert Frank on Saturday.


THURSDAY 23 April 2009

Here's Aimee:

From Senegal

I just finished César Aira's GHOSTS, the third book of his I have read, having discovered his work at Village Voice bookstore in Paris, and I recommend them all! Also Chloee Aridjis' BOOK OF CLOUDS following
Stefan Zweig's FANTASTIC NIGHT and other stories - sublime!

Ben Hopkins visited in Baltimore while showing his new film at the Washington Film Festival. A most wonderful and healing hour in the rain. Ben visited me in the Swiss clinic last year on his way to his lab for this new film.

My sister's dog Kipling has had more surgery for cancer and came home today. He's fighting and his mate Huxley and all of us are most happy he is back with us.

I had needles probing my legs and lower back checking my nerves which seem to be working! Will get a reading from the neurologist soon as it follows the MRI of my spine.

Am back swimming again for a week now! Getting ready for the show on Saturday in Washington while another turtle in The Tank is preparing so check the listings on the front page!

And last Saturday I went to the Enoch Pratt main library to hear Junot Diaz read. I was happy to find the room filled with all ages and he wowed them all.

Good night, MHS

MONDAY 6 April 2009

Still in Baltimore. Off to get a picture of my spine. I should say two more as my lumbar was done on Friday. I find a strange serenity in the machine, and after. Perhaps it is the magnets and the TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) will help? I am in a research program, just waiting for it to begin.

Every day I think of Hercules. Several times. Again, he is keeping me alive, remembering him vividly. I wanted to move back to London to be near him. But he will always be near and I want and need him near.

I remember that he had just reread Nabakov's PALE FIRE the last we spoke. I will read it soon and keep him close. Hercules pour mémoire.

It takes a true Kat from Paris to point to this out
The First Shrink

And from Miss Pants here in Baltimore a special turtle story!
Sick Sea Turtle Pays Unexpected Visit To The Doctor

I may be back...

I am, and must admit the serenity escaped me today. 1 1/2 hours in an MRI full body, on my back, took it out of me.

From Paula Gátain, whose wonderful short MONSANTO will play in my program for Robert Frank soon.
paulamaria_g's photostream

ebb embrace again


SUNDAY 5 April 2009

From Fanny Howe, some joy Dans in het Centraal Station van Antwerpen

Stay tuned for news of another TURTLE IN THE TANK, NYC


TUESDAY 24 March 2009

Congratulations Peter Scarlet! Scarlet to head Middle East fest

New York will be at a loss. You built something they never had and we needed. As Nicholson said when withholding THE PASSENGER, "It's too good for the mob". I will follow when I can.


SATURDAY 21 March 2009

"Every illness is in itself an anarchical pandemonium, a revolt against nature..." Stefan Zweig in BEWARE OF PITY. Just finished this riveting novel (thank you Ali Smith for making me aware of it).

I swam this morning. 20 easy laps, with caution. My back is not in spasm but does have pain. Is it the pain I live with? I cannot remember. I am afraid. I need to return to my pattern of swim and exercise and resume my life as before. Is it worth it? Can I manage on my own? I feel an albatross, my great fear in hospital.

Carol preparing her dinner party and I can't help. A blob floating in and out, making tea, looking for ways to stay awake, timing my rest to eat, greet guests, talk a little and retire to watch a film and stay awake until 10 pm when I will sleep. Trying to stay off muscle relaxers for first day. Hope for better sleep.


MONDAY 16 March 2009

From Ann Pibal:

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you already know, Colin, Ori and I are (yes, happily!!) spending the winter months this year in Todos Santos, Mexico - near the Southern tip of the Baja peninsula.

Todos Santos and the long stretch of beaches extending for kilometers North of town are remote, relatively undeveloped and receive continual, dramatic pounding from open ocean surf. This makes them perfect nesting sites for sea turtles including the critically endangered leatherback turtle. The leatherback has been on the planet since before the time of the T-REX! But, at the moment, the Pacific leatherback faces the real possibility of extinction. In the past 20 years Pacific leatherback populations have decreased 95% and are still sliding.

I have had the great fortune of becoming involved here in Todos Santos with Todos Tortugereos, a local organization operating with a Federal permit to conduct leatherback conservation efforts. I have helped out by participating regularly in overnight beach patrols, nest care and supervision as well as hatchling releases.

Perhaps more importantly however, I have spearheaded efforts to bolster the fundraising activities of Todos Tortugueros. Simple things, like the design of an informational pamphlet to be distributed in town and also at hatchling releases, have already been effective. The larger challenge for me, has come with the realization that Todos Tortugeuros would be better positioned to raise the funds, (both Federal and private) they desperately need if they can become an independent non-profit organization as soon as possible. Making this transition will require legal fees and application fees which will quickly accumulate to upwards of USD 1,500. This is a small amount of money, but because Todos Tortugueros is comprised almost completely of volunteers, contributing their own time and money - the sum is, at the moment, a roadblock.

And, this is why I am writing to all of you. Please consider making a small donation to this heroic group. The process is simple at todostortugueros.org, where a special Ann's Fundraiser, "Donate Now" button has been added just for all of us. I know that this is not a great time to be asking for donations, but SMALL contributions, like SMALL actions, will add up.

Aside from the 1,500. necessary to make the transition to non-profit status, Todos Tortugeuros has on-going funding needs including fuel, ATVs, and field tools. At the moment, acquiring new night-vision binoculars are of the utmost priority.

Please be assured, that should you choose to contribute, 100% of your donation will go directly to the aid of the turtles. There are NO overhead costs associated with my fundraiser.

My most sincere thanks,
And love,


Roberta, one of the Mamma Leatherbacks

Leatherback Hatchlings

Leatherback Hatchling, Look Mom, NO SHELL!

Into the Pacific

My Favorite Laudero (with Olive Ridleys)

SUNDAY 15 March 2009

Still in spasm.

Su Friedrich has updated her site: sufriedrich.com

We met at Yvonne Rainer's rehearsal last year.

From Amos Poe: branitvfx.com/worldbuilder

From Sarah Sarhandi who performed at first turtle: sarahsarhandi.com

From Natasha Braier: natashabraier.com

Dear friend Hercules Bellville died 3 weeks ago.




He was my special 'k'.


WEDNESDAY 12 March 2009

Baltimore. Arrived yesterday evening. With back in spasm.
Yesterday morning I went to swim at the Y. Had my bathing suit on, turned to walk to the pool and ZAP, my back. Usually I have a warning and can avoid. Nothing like this since Paris, and before that London. Years back I had to be carried out of Central Park while out walking the dogs. Luckily I was not alone. In NY I was not alone as Martina Radwan (upcoming NY turtle event, stay tuned) brought me a most wonderful lunch. And yesterday Christina Courtin helped me to the train. Alison Carter in London is trying to hook me up with a MAT (muscle activation techniques) person here.

Today I wake a bit better but still cannot stand straight. Sad that I could do nothing on Monday and Tuesday in NY but I had such a good two days before it is worth it. Most important is that I made it back here where I have 2 important speech appointments today.

From Aya Haidar in London: journalofcool.wordpress.com

Am just reading this commencement speech by David Foster Wallace. www.marginalia.org/log/archives/2005/06/dfw-kenyon-comm

Was a wonderful piece on him in last week's New Yorker and an excerpt from an unpublished work.

Good session with speech therapist and met with Dr. who will do a simple procedure in my throat for my soft palate problem.

Still in spasm so more when I can. MHS

MONDAY 9 March 2009

Barbara Wright has died. A most wonderful translator and another person whom I wanted to meet.


Swam this morning, as usual, then had a voice lesson with Joan Lader which was wonderful. Visited with Alice and Lawrence Weiner this afternoon and caught up on matters.

Walked out in to a bit of evening sun and birdsong and made my way to the twilight dinner at Hasaki, then a look in in St. Marks Bookshop.

News from Paris:


And news from Baltimore: Amanda Vickers opens a coffee shop!




SUNDAY 8 March 2009

Went to MoMA today to see Yvonne Rainer's TRIO A. Magic. Set up was perfect with a projection of Yvonne performing the work on film c. 1965 on the wall to the left while two men, followed by a woman, performed the work (which was also repeated on film) with the NY cityscape out a window behind the dancers. It was not about sync but dialog, and the past was never so present. TRIO A and the museum was alive!

Afterwards I was drawn to a work on the wall to the right. While discovering an early work of Bruce Nauman my name was called and I found myself in front of James Mackay. I know James through Derek Jarman for whom he produced many films and James was here for the opening of Derek's super-8 films at the old DIA space in Chelsea. James presented these films at the Slade School of Art in London (Jarman's alma mater) for Turtle!

James will be back next month with Stuart Comer (Tate Modern) for a talk about this work, alas on the same day I will be presenting my program for Robert Frank in D.C.

I am off to BAM cinema in Brooklyn for Philip Garrel's new film. I remember him telling me about it before shooting, something about his son, Louis's, character joining a dead girlfriend through a mirror. With William Lubtchansky on camera it must be Cocteau magic!

Tomorrow morning I see my voice coach Joan Lader.

Just back from Garrel's A FRONTIÉRE DE L'AUBE - sublime! His films are the blood of a poet. The scenes are so close you can sense the heart of the camera pumping the film, the sync sound as breath talking.


SATURDAY 7 March 2009

From: 	bob@lefsetz.com
	Subject: 	Obama/Bono
	Date: 	March 6, 2009 11:37:07 PM EST

Who's a bigger rock star, Bono or Obama? I saw U2 on Letterman, and what struck me was it was Dave's show. It was like U2
were members of the peanut gallery, brought up on stage at the end of the telecast
to perform for the children. How the fuck did we get here? How the fuck
did rock and roll as renegade become I'm gonna do whatever the fuck it takes
to try and sell my album. And STILL it doesn't sell! Are you stunned that U2 is predicted to sell 450,000 copies of "No Line On The Horizon"
this week? You should be. Because despite all the exposure, despite all
the banging on people's heads, most members of the public have shrugged their
collective shoulders and moved on, they just don't care. U2 is BEGGING us to buy their album. As did Bruce Springsteen a month ago. But it's
not working. Bruce's album still isn't gold. Marketing is dead. Because people
see it for what it is, a push to close you so the perpetrator can get rich.
There's no message, no hope, no reward, just a coin in the pocket of the "artist". Where in the Springsteen hype was the declaration that listening to his new album was
gonna change your life? U2 moves their corporation out of Ireland to save taxes
and President Obama says the rich must pay their share, so that our country can get
back on its feet. Who does the rank and file support? It ain't Bono and the Edge, no fucking way. Rock blew up because it existed outside the system. It was a commentary on society.
Those who made it were not privileged, it was a way to raise yourself by your
bootstraps out of the gutter you were destined to live in. Hell, that was the
essence of rap. I may have dropped out of school, I may be a drug dealer, but if I
can rhyme really well and get a deejay to lay some cool beats beneath me, the
public will gobble my shit up. AND THEY DID! I believed in rap after the L.A. riots. I said to myself, SHIT, EVERYTHING ICE-T SAID
WAS TRUE! What do I know about police brutality, I'm a middle class white
living in the leafy suburbs. We all want truth. People perceive Obama is telling the truth. Not everybody. Not everybody loved the
Beatles, to this day some people think the Liverpudlians sucked. Same deal with
the Eagles. Owners of the best-selling record in history. You can get tons
of people to testify they suck. So when Rush Limbaugh and Fox News castigate
Obama, I laugh. Because any denizen of popular culture will tell you it
goes with the territory. It's not about the haters, but the believers. The haters
don't go to the show, they save their money and stay home. Believers go for
the religious experience. People laughed at the Obama candidacy. HE'S BLACK! And speaking of black, they booed
Prince off the stage when he opened for the Stones. But soon, it was all "Little
Red Corvette" and "Purple Rain" and the diminutive Minnesotan was the rage, he's
still touring on those hits today. But there was a core who perceived Prince's greatness. I bought "Dirty Mind" on a
review, it wasn't even the genre of music I liked, but the beats hooked me and I
got hooked on "When You Were Mine". I went to see him at Flipper's roller disco on
the night of the Academy Awards, there were maybe forty people there, Prince
bounced on the bed, did the full-on arena show and those in attendance were blown
away. I became a believer. I had to tell everybody about Prince. Shit, I'm
telling you about the show DECADES LATER! Obama spoke at the 2004 Democratic convention. That was his debut gig. Most people
don't watch that shit. But this is where he got his initial believers. Who
couldn't stop talking about the man when he started his campaign for the
Presidency. The rest of the public laughed, or said WHO? Conventional wisdom said
it was Hillary's time. But not only did Obama bewitch Hillary and pull ahead, he
never lost his temper, he didn't do it the way YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO! That's the essence of a rock star. Doing it your own way. Not worrying about what
everybody else tells you to do. An "American Idol" twat listens to Clive Davis, a
rock star gives the septuagenarian the middle finger. Rock stars do it THEIR way!
I wanted Obama to go for Sarah Palin. What a fucking idiot! Rock stars aren't part of
the fray, THEY'RE ABOVE THE FRAY! How about Obama telling the Republicans who chastised his stimulus package at the White
House I WON! This is like Led Zeppelin owning their Greek God identities and
leaving New York City without all that Madison Square Garden money. If you're a
rock star, you make the rules. You don't fight the little battles. Furthermore, I don't agree with everything Obama has to say. I think the stimulus
package is too light. Clean coal? Isn't that an oxymoron? The war in
Afghanistan? Didn't the Russians prove you can't win there? That's a rock star.
We don't love everything about them, they've got warts. They're not playing to the
media, they're charting their own path. And that's what we respect them for.
That's who we want to be. Someone who listens to his own drum and follows his
instincts. Who changes course when he sees fit as opposed to putting his finger to
the wind first. If you want to make it today you've got to focus less on the sell and more on your
essence. Don't be our friend, if you're our friend how can we respect you? You
must be better than us! We want to put you on a pedestal, assume the throne and
fulfill your destiny! Don't go on a million TV shows trying to corral every last
person into paying attention to you. You've got to have an inner glow, that draws
us to you! The old ways are done. If you want to make it today, study the English musicians of
yore, or the rappers. You're probably better off if everybody hates you. Know
that you can't be a star overnight. Wasn't Obama a community organizer? He paid
some dues AND STILL one of the big issues of the election was whether he was
experienced enough. If you're still flogging the same debut album made with the
usual suspects twenty four months down the line, hoping someone in Des Moines will
finally pay attention, you're missing the point. First and foremost you must
be an artist. More music and less hype. Artist development is not something
a record company executes, it's something the artist himself does! He keeps
writing and playing, searching for that Holy Grail. And when the general public
finally pays attention, it finds an embarrassment of riches in the act's
catalog, that can be listened to and examined. Pirates didn't kill the music industry. It's the bands. The bands drank the kool-aid.
That if they did what their handlers told them to, it would work. Sell out,
don't say anything that isn't nice, take the corporate money, do the TV show,
make that endorsement, you're a brand, you're a corporation, look to Jack Welch for
instruction. Utter bullshit. If this was the case, how come Leonard Cohen, a seventysomething guy
who can barely sing, owns the biggest tour of the year? Because he's AN ARTIST!
Who's FLAWED! Didn't he go to the mountaintop looking for enlightenment when Bono
was trying to save the world? Didn't he spend years out of the spotlight? Last I
checked his music isn't on "Grey's Anatomy", he isn't hawking the latest evanescent
product. No, people see Leonard Cohen as an artist and they're drawn to him.
Some things never change. Great artists are not part of the system, they exist outside
of it. They're complicated, often unlovable, but their work, we hold it
close to our hearts, we treasure it, because it contains a truth absent from our
everyday world. What did Mr. Cohen famously say/sing, EVERYBODY KNOWS? Everybody knows that U2 will do anything to sell a record. Everybody knows that Bruce Springsteen hasn't made a great album in decades. Everybody knows Mick Jagger can no longer sing. Everybody knows the rappers are now more about lifestyle than truth. Everybody knows that our country is fucked up economically. Everybody knows that people are hurting. But the Republicans refuse to admit this, hewing to an ancient, expired doctrine. Does Obama have the answers? MAYBE NOT! But he's TRYING! That's what we want,
limit-testers, who are willing to change their minds, do something new, all in the
service of pushing the envelope. An artist is not afraid of taking the road less-traveled. And the fan is willing to follow him down the path. If he believes the artist is
genuine, making his own decisions, and just isn't another money-hungry asshole
trying to make his nut. And if you're not willing to risk your entire career by taking experimental left turns,
you're not an artist. Just ask Bob Dylan or Neil Young. An artist's career does not just go up, it follows a jagged line, sometime up,
sometimes down. As Bob Dylan so famously sang: "Took an untrodden path once, where the swift don't win the race,_
It goes to the worthy, who can divide the word of truth." Try to find truth, try to be worthy, don't worry about fans, they'll find and follow
you if your journey is worthwhile. (And check out Dylan's "I And I" from "Slow Train Coming". Great lyrics, great
delivery, but what puts the track over the top is the mellifluous piano of Barry
Beckett and the guitar stylings with the timelessness of the Bible played by Mark Knopfler.) -- Visit the archive: lefsetz.com -- If you would like to subscribe to the LefsetzLetter,

THURSDAY 5 March 2009

Tough day. Began at 4.30 and doctors no swim. Not good. Must swim.
Turtle needs water, daily.

Finished THE CELLIST OF SARAJEVO. Reading about that city under siege brings Beirut to mind. Beirut, my brother. My self. A good read following Thad Carhart's THE PIANO SHOP ON THE LEFT BANK. All this while writing about the show for Robert Frank as a musical discovery. Music on my brain. Dig this: Jeffrey Lewis got me through 30-minutes on the step at the gym this morning! I continue to read Tao Lin's stories in BED.

From Diala Gemayel in Beirut happinesssearcher.blogspot.com


TUESDAY 3 March 2009

From Gina Birch news of her upcoming film screening at the National Film Theater in London

NFT1 28th March 2009 "The Raincoats, Fairytales - A Work in Progress" directed by Gina Birch

Go to www.ginabirch.net for a trailer! then go to the show !!!

Meanwhile, in the hood of The Wire, my life is pandemic! Blood and bruising, talk and tiring, films as I can, music all the time, books and books from wonderful library, family care, friends there (don't see them enough), swim every day, strength work too. And I keep on trying to work, write for the show for Robert Frank, keep some hope to return to my edit, keeping a Sebald project alive... too tired to continue now. So long!


MONDAY 16 February 2009

This morning I woke from a dream where I was with Mélanie Maurin and the dancers of Pina Bausch who had all come to NY to perform for turtle! Etel was there and I was in a state of ecstasy!

I have invited Mélanie to come for an evening at the French Institute in September. I know that she would love to. But Mélanie is studying to become a doctor and goes to perform with Pina when she can.

In the afternoon Mélanie wrote she can and would love to perform! Am working on that now, along with Michael Ward-Bergeman and others for a TURTLE AND THE BUTTERFLY for Inger Christensen.

This in from Cecilia Wee who did the radio program from the first turtle in London.

Germany's 'Embedded Art' exhibit

I forgot to mention reading Francine Prose's GOLDENGROVE following EXILES. Goldengrove is a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins and the inspiration for this story. I liked it a lot. The main character is Nico, named after the singer who I once recorded with. Arto Lindsay and I did a low fi recording for Les Disques du Crépuscule. I can't remember the result and if it ever came out! I do remember that she was not easy to work with. I think she just wanted the money, however small it was.


SUNDAY 15 February 2009

Good morning! I am writing from a cold NY inside! I arrived yesterday to no heat or electricity! Eventually got electric and am now waiting for the heat. The plumber is due now so I am hoping to hear the hiss of NY steam heat as I write.

Am lucky to have a wonderful YMCA where I swam this morn and a warm café around the corner to have coffee and write emails before the fashion show people began to arrive. I live next to Bryant Park overrun by fashionistas now for a week. Easy to avoid.

I am happy to say that I am feeling like I was in the fall before the trial drugs, travel, the holiday and sickness knocked be back for a couple of months.

The program FOR ROBERT FRANK at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. is set for 25 April and I am most happy to finally obtain the rights to show PLAYBACK by Pere Portabella. It plays there today with his majestic WARSAW BRIDGE as part of a Portabella series. This was by chance as I discovered this work a while back and immediately thought of Robert. Then, after seeing Frank's COCKSUCKER BLUES, the meaning of the program revealed itself to be about Robert and filmmakers as composers and the music of film.

I hope that I can begin to write more now. I will meet Aimee Mullins to discuss further the Empire State Building turtle walk and hope to meet Oscar Pistorius who may visit NY while I am here. Oscar is part of our walk! But we have a lot to do to interest the ESB people: they want 12 celebrities! We've got 2 of the class they are thinking of (Isabella Rossellini, Jonathan Demme) so we are busy searching for more! They don't have to commit to the walk just lend their name in support. Let me know if you have any ideas! We won't give up.

In Baltimore, since the Y pool was closed for a week, I was a guest of a friend and longtime turtle, Emily Hardinger, at the Meadowbrook swim club. The first day I swam I shared the pool with Michael Phelps! It's his club so he is there often. Then a young swimmer, Ashley, gave me some pointers. I am kicking with a kickboard correctly and moving fast and enjoying it for the first time. She also showed me how to roll and breathe in the crawl but I still have to master that. I've got a problem breathing due to my loose soft palate.

I also did a barium swallow at Johns Hopkins with a speech therapist. She and other doctors will address my soft palate and weak back throat so I wait to hear their suggestions. I like these people a lot and they understand my success with singing to help.

Sadly vocal coach Joan Lader is not in NY this week but I did see her 3 weeks ago. Listening to our session and to a previous one from last August I see how much better I spoke when I saw her regularly. I plan to resume this now.

Still cold, waiting for the plumber... MHS

TUESDAY 10 February 2009

Rising to go to a barium swallow test. Have not been able to eat or drink since midnight.

This new from Melody Owen disappearingbook.net

Wynn Dan's new book out textimagecollection.tripod.com

Am sad to learn of another passing: Blossom Dearie


FRIDAY 6 February 2009

I wake this morning to the sad news that poet Inger Christensen died last month on the 2nd of January. I had just enquired whether she might be interested to come to New York in the fall for a turtle at the French Institute and Karl Poulsen passed me the news. Inger had planned to come to Paris last fall for turtle and Karl had organized her trip. I had to cancel due to health as did Inger in the end, but for nothing life threatening.

BUTTERFLY VALLEY and her other work will live on through turtle and keep me alive.

I am sorry never to meet Inger but am lucky to have had a brief correspondence and she gave turtle a precious gift: her first published poem handwritten in Danish, English and French:

If I stand
alone in the snow
it is clear
that I am a clock

how else would eternity
find its way around

- Inger Christensen 1962

Good morning, Inger. I will always rise with you. MHS

MONDAY 26 January 2009

Greetings from a cold New York where I can feel the Empire State Building shivering.

This just in from Ketutat Alexi-Meskhishvili: her blog from berlin ketuta.blogspot.com

And from Bushra El-Turk:

Arab Media Watch proudly presents:


An inspirational concert, a unique musical journey

in honour of the people of Gaza

"If you close your eyes you will perceive all things through the depths of your inner self, and you will see the world physical and ethereal." - Gibran Khalil Gibran on spirituality

Following the success of Arab Media Watch's Al-Hurrieh (Freedom) concert, the aim of this recital is to revive a rich Arab heritage through a new approach. Composers Bushra El-Turk, Elia Khoury and Tarek Younis have created specially commissioned works for this event, which will be inspired by Al-Atheer, 'the most elated form of freedom.'

Date: Sunday 1 February 2009
Time: 6:00 pm
Venue: Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, London SW1X 9BZ
Tickets: £35, £20, £10


Wissam Boustany: world-renowned flautist
Elia Khoury: oud
Basil Khoury: violin
Osama Khoury: qanoun
Tala Tutunji: piano
Riyad Nicola: piano
Riza Koyuncu: percussion

For more details, please contact 07956 455 528, 07956 581 813,

or info@arabmediawatch.com




SUNDAY 18 January 2009

Swiss gifts! Joseph Gomes sent cookies he baked and a bag of Basler Lackerli a treat he introduced me to when I was at the clinic. Philip Wiegard had an opening on Zurich on Friday (www.freymondguth.com) and he smelled me there! René of Les Nez (www.lesnez.com) brought him some Turtle Vetiver.

Martina Radwan (www.thebluesky-inmongolia.blogspot.com) is still in Mongolia and has had success there. I stumbled upon the book EXILES by Ron Hansen about poet and priest Gerard Manley Hopkins whose work I discovered last year thanks to Merran Gunn.

I am waiting for test results, seeing more doctors and continue to swim and exercise aggressively!


FRIDAY 9 January 2009

I am in Baltimore to see my neurologist and other medicals. Spent the day in ER last to learn I have been dehydrated. Gave me a saline drip and I've been drinking a lot of liquids. Trying to make a come back, of sorts.


Gina Birch has a web site! www.ginabirch.net

Wynn Dan's Typographic Fotographic is out now and another on the way.

Stay tuned for U.S. availability - if in Paris you can get your copy at

213 rue st honoré
75001 paris france
01 55 35 33 90

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