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WEDNESDAY 1 May 2013

Dear Michael,

Hope you are doing well! I think of you every day but today especially because I was swimming with the beautiful turtles in St. John. I have one pic. here and hope to return to take some video in the next couple of days. I was so bummed when I finished an hour of "filming" while swimming with the turtles and fish and then realized that though the camera was on I had forgotten to start recording. Hopefully I will have something to send you soon.

Love and a big hug!


WEDNESDAY 2 January 2013

Below is an image of Ham, the first chimpanzee in space (Mercury- Redstone 2, 31 January 1961). Not only was he the first chimpanzee in space but perhaps more surprising is that he made it safely back to Earth and died at age 26 (old for a chimpanzee). So while I wish you a most wonderful and fortunate 2013 if you should find yourself thrust on a scary journey you never anticipated or signed up for remember Ham and that you might not only survive but get a hero's welcome and have done your bit for humanity when you emerge on the other side...

Happy New Year and all very best wishes for a healthy and fortunate 2013

Piper Mavis

Ham (photographed in flight with an automatic camera)

TUESDAY 1 January 2013

From Maki Umehara

2013年 元旦

Dear friends and colleagues,
Happy New Year,
wishing you the very best for the year 2013!
With love,

MONDAY 31 December 2012

From Naomi Young

Happy New Year!

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