Solex - Five Star Shamberg


Music video for The Notwist by Michael H Shamberg

p.s. beirut chapter 1

7:11 minutes, color, stereo 4:3

Producer, director, camera, editor: Michael H. Shamberg
Writer: Etel Adnan
Music: Marcus Acher
Co-Producers: Isabelle Doyen, Edward Richardson for lightblack.

Emanuelle Riva (voice)
Bernard Sumner (singing Procession, New Order)
Nadine in Cafe Torino
Fouad Elkoury
Etel Adnan (off camera)
Man in Bourj Hammoud
Hiba's hand


Director' Notes:

In 1981 Volker Schlondorff was filming CIRCLE OF DECEIT in Beirut with the ongoing civil war (1975-90) as a backdrop, and real fighters playing themselves.

This news, which i discovered in Etel Adnan's story AN AMERICAN MALADY, brought Etel and I together to develop the feature script BENJAMIN'S BRIEFCASE - a reference to what was lost when Walter Benjamin's body was found.

Christmas 2004, I arrived in Beirut and filmed for two weeks. The idea of a feature transformed into a personal journey.

This is the first chapter in the series p.s. Beirut, the story of how I found Benjamiin's briefcase.

MHS 2008

Posted by Edward Richardson for lightblack LLC and Michael H Shamberg