a compilation of solitude, ecology and recreation

August 6 - September 20

opening reception Aug 6, 7 -10 pm


742 N Broadway
Los Angeles,
CA 90012-2820



"The sun and the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago ... had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands."

Henry Havelock Ellis, 1923

Aaron GM, Klara Adam, Joe Baiza, Ana Barrado, Dan Graham, Wim Kok, nüans (Elmar Hermann, Anna Heidenhain, Maki Umehara) Michael H. Shamberg & Turtle Salon, Matt Sheridan, G÷kce Suvari

JB JURVE is pleased to announce APOGEE - a compilation of solitude, ecology and recreation, featuring a series of readings and musical interventions, a presentation of the book of the same title and an exhibition of participating artists in conjunction with nüans. APOGEE is the second publication by the artist group nüans, which will be released by Revolver Publishers in 2011.

- APOGEE is the place in the universe, which is most distant to earth. A mathematical quantity and allegory for the absolute seclusion. APOGEE is the retreat to privacy, confidentiality and relaxation and can blossom in foreign environments. Once again nüans has invited about 80 artists and theorists to contribute their individual part to various topics somehow related to the principles of Islands and Isolation. The publication is the starting point for upcoming exhibitions in Italy, Turkey, Germany, the United States and India. -

nüans is an artists collective organized by Anna Heidenhain, Elmar Hermann and Maki Umehara in Amsterdam, Istanbul and Düsseldorf. nüans finds specific locations that fit the context of each event. The projects are designed to work in an interdisciplinary way in order to bring about an exchange of ideas between a wide array of collaborators.



& for the preview in NYC: