A collaborative exhibition of work devised by pupils with special needs, from The Dunham Trust, Trafford and the following artists: michael appleyard, liz taylor, mike garry, graham marsden, elmar herman, alex brown, susanna thornton, malin stahl, alex bancic, julian boal and physicist georges ripka.

The exhibition, consists of:

a presentation of 2-D text exploring the 'aspirations' and 'key points' in the lives of the young people and artists, sharing and inspiring young people to begin to reflect on their aspirations

participatory workshops exploring the images and identities of the characters and themes of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. Launching Stepping Stones collaborative project with Mat Salleh School, Borneo, as part of the Royal Shakespeares Company's 'Open Stages Project'.

Will be held at:

Piccadilly Place, Manchester, England


20th January to the 31st January, 2014