Das Bin Ich

A show of comic drawings by students at public schools and young immigrant mothers from the poor Berlin district Neukölln. The authors of these drawings tell about their lives, their journeys (real and fantasized ones), their parents, love, weddings, dreams and fears. These journey begin in Berlin, Lebanon, Turkey, Lithuania, Serbia, Bosnia, the US, Russia, Poland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ghana and China. All stories circle the question what might really might comprise the complex being "me" - in other words: THIS IS ME.

Saturday February, 18 - Sunday March 25 2012
Saalbau Gallery Neukölln
Karl-Marx Strasse 141
12043 BERLIN

More info (in German) under: kultur-neukoelln.de/galerie-im-saalbau-programm-veranstaltung-1174

Anna Faroqhi